Target Insurance Services

Attention Single Women: If you want to know exactly why you should buy LTC Insurance NOW, click on this link and watch the short powerpoint from LTC expert Claude Thau. This is not a sales pitch. It is an explanation that you must know today before LTC insurance rates for single women move sharply higher in the weeks ahead!

Life Happens

Find out more about life insurance at this non-profit devoted to educating consumers about life insurance.


The place to search for health insurance coverage, whether long or short term, Health Savings Accounts, student policies, etc. You can compare online, and their toll-free number connects you to individual advice.


Compare term life insurance prices, and save money! A toll-free number puts you in touch with individual assistance in choosing the best policy.

If you have cash value life policies, you need to understand the consequences and costs before you make a switch. Take advantage of their free policy analysis – before letting an agent make money by changing an old policy to a new one.


For over 40 years, TermQuote® has helped thousands of people locate and purchase low-cost life insurance coverage.

Consumer Federation of America

Don’t change policies or even buy a new one without using this independent service from the Consumer Federation of America.

Installment Life Insurance

Learn more about the Installment Payout Option that puts the power of choice where it belongs…WITH YOU. A new site that lets you investigate before you invest.

This new government website allows you to check the background of brokers, advisors, commodity advisors, and even insurance salespeople.