MAGA Limited

Start your search for Long Term Care Insurance here. They are independent agents for major firms such as MetLife, John Hancock, Genworth. Since you’ll definitely need personalized help on this type of insurance, you can call them at 800-533-6242


Another place to get personalized quotes on long term care insurance policies.

Northwestern Mutual LTC

Northwestern Mutual sells long term care policies only through its agents. It has a long track record of proper pricing and NOT raising premiums! Definitely worth getting a quote!


OneAmerica offers combined Life/LTC or Annuity/LTC policies which solve the problem of what happens to your money if you die before using the LTC benefits of a traditional policy. Now your heirs can recoup money not spent on care.

LTC Consultants

Phyllis Shelton teaches agents everything they need to know about Long Term Care Insurance. You can benefit from reading her comments, always updated with the latest LTC news and info.