This is one of the oldest newsletters around, and James Dines’ unique take on the US and global markets, metals, the economy and politics are my favorite “must read” newsletter.

InvesTech Research

For over 28 years, InvesTech Research has produced some of the most unique analysis and valuable insights found anywhere on or off Wall Street.

Dohmen Capital

I’ve been reading Bert Dohmen’s newsletter for — well, let’s just say more than 25 years – and I count on his logical take on the markets, the Fed, the economy – and his unique insights into how Washington affects our world.

Tax Foundation

They have all the facts on taxation, how much you pay, how it compares historically, plus an interesting take on tax legislation and proposals.

Truth in Accounting

It is the mission of the IFTA to encourage private and public entities to produce financial reports that are comprehensive, comprehensible and transparent and to inform the public of the importance of truthful accounting.

X-Rates Dollar Graph

What does the “falling dollar” look like? This website will give you a quick chart of the dollar versus other currencies such as the Euro or Canadian dollar.