Tax Foundation

They have all the facts on taxation, how much you pay, how it compares historically, plus an interesting take on tax legislation and proposals.


Find a doctor, make an appointment online!

Giving Tuesday

Put the crass holiday shopping in perspective, and learn how you can give back to your community?

Charity Navigator

Before you write a check, check out the efficiency of that charity, by searching the extensive database of non-profits on this website.

Roosevelt’s Speeches

Need some uplifting thoughts to get through today’s fear? Read the entire (short) inaugural speech, and remember this was given when the country was still in the depths of Depression. (And my thanks to reader, David, for this link!)

Whether you shop online, pay your bills online, or just have trouble remembering all your online passwords, this site will help!

Loan Wolf

Randy Johnson is a mortgage expert and his site is full of articles that will be helpful if you have mortgage questions. Income over half a million dollars!

National Taxpayers Union

This link takes you directly to the history of the US Income Tax, which started in 1913 with a top bracket of 7% on income over half a million dollars!

Contact Congress

How to find your Representative in Congress by using your address, direct links to send email. Expres yourself, don’t just complain to your friends!