Living to 100

How can you plan if you don’t know how long you’re likely to, or possibly could live?

Choose to Save

This is the best online calculator for figuring out how much you’ll need in retirement, and how much you should be saving now.

IRA Help

Everything you need to know about Individual Retirement Accounts – and a place to send an email question to Ed Slott, the IRA expert and accountant who maintains this site.

If you’re 65 you must sign up between Nov 15 and Dec 31st for Medicare Part D — the prescription drug plan. Use the easy “Plan Finder” tool at the government website to find the best plan — even if you currently don’t take any prescription drugs.

National Center for Retirement Benefits

The “pension detectives” and the National Center for Retirement Benefits will examine whether your company calculated benefits correctly. They’ve found millions of dollars in errors — don’t charge up front, but take one-third of the extra money they find.

Health Grades

Find a doctor, dentist, or hospital near you, and check the ratings from users.

Medicaid LTC: What Assets Will Your State Let “Well Spouse” Keep?

When your spouse needs “custodial” care, Medicaid may step in to pay — depending on your assets and income.  But the “community spouse” does not have to give up the family home or all assets and income.  Each state sets its own income and asset limits.  Check this site to get details for your state.

Benefits Checkup

Do you know a senior who needs help paying for food or prescription drugs, or legal assistance. Start here to find programs that will help.

Retirement Plan

E*Trade has created a terrific, graphic online Retirement Planning Monte Carlo simulator. Give it a try!