Find out everything about student loans — for those borrowing for this fall, or grads looking to consolidate

College Board

SAT info, College search. This is the place to start understanding the process of college admissions, SAT tests, and to start your search for the college that’s right for you, using the “college matchmaker” tool.


Start here for everything you need to know about financial aid, FAFSA (the financial aid application form), advice on college costs. Even parents of young children should start here to get information on 529 College Savings plans, which work best if you start saving early!

US Department of Education

This is the Department of Education official website, helpful for parents and students of all ages.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review website is especially helpful for information about graduate school, medical school, and helps with search, admissions, application information and financial


This website bills itself as the most complete source of scholarships and grants, at both the national and local level. It can’t hurt to try it, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

College Quest

This is the website of the well-known Peterson’s college planner, and it can help you find international schools, culinary institutes, nursing schools, online learning centers, and much more.


SallieMae is no longer a provider of Federal student loans. Instead it is a source for private student loans. But beware, as these loans require a credit check or co-signer, and repayment terms can be onerous.

College Parents of America

Networking for parents of college students! This site offers advice, purchase deals for parents/students, insights into campus issues, and other support as you enter this new phase of your life.


iGrad offers financial literacy advice for college students and recent grads. Terry writes regularly for this site.