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Below you will find the columns terry has written by date.

2016 Holiday Money Gifts for Children

December 08, 2016

Every year at this time I give some suggestions for holiday presents that have real financial meaning for your children and grandchildren. Read It Here

Best Gift — 529 College Savings Plan

November 29, 2016

The best gift of all is a good education. So before you start shopping for holiday gifts for your children or grandchildren, consider opening a 529 College Savings plan account. These tax-sheltered college savings incentives are easy to open, require no major investment decisions, and this gift will be appreciated far into the future. Here..

The Election and the Market

November 01, 2016

As the election draws near, many people are wondering about the impact on their investment portfolios. Read It Here

Obamacare Signup Tips

It's time to make choices about plans offered under the Affordable Care Act, known as ACA or Obamacare. Read It Here

Medicare Part D — Drug Test!

It’s time for your annual drug test. And ignoring it could be very costly. Read It Here

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

October 10, 2016

The silence about the economy in this political season is deafening. Read It Here



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