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sold depreciated stock from a GRAT

Ms. Savage, About 6 years ago I received a GRAT that came with a 44 thousand plus dollars in stock..

Delinquent taxes

I have a friend who is delinquent on her taxes.(By several years) Can you recommend a tax service who can..

donating a vehicle

What are the benefits of donating a vehicle over selling it outright? What tax documents should I be receiving/ looking..

RMD for charity

How can i use this years R M D for a charitable contribution without itemizing. I heard it would not..

Tax Preparers

Dear Terry, We used an AARP Foundation Tax Aide service to do our taxes. This was by appointment and was..

Tax preparation

How can I find a trusted CPA to prepare my taxes this year now that I’m using Fidelity to manage..

IRS Amended return

A CPA filed my Illinois & IRS tax returns for 2023 in April. However, she failed to include my document..

Free Tax Preparation

Hi Terry, Do you recommend Getyourrefund.org as a legit organization to help with filing taxes? I never received the second..

2022 1040 is lost!

I mailed our 1040 along with a check for the amount due on 04/06/23. The check has not been deposited..

Covid refund

We entered a 3911 form for a $600.00 refund in January 2023. As yet we have not received the refund...

Illinois income tax

Hi - I sent the text to you on your radio show. My mother in law mailed her Illinois income..

Tax on sale of inherited property

I have recently sold a condo my parents purchased in 1997. They are now deceased. What taxes will I be..

Electronic Vehicle Tax Credit — separate tax return to get it?

My husband just bought an electric vehicle that qualifies for the $7500 tax credit. If we file taxes jointly this..

Social security taxes

My wife and I receive social security of $5500 a month and the only other income we have is our..

IRS problem

I received a letter from the IRS stating that they need more information from me to verify my identity and..

State income tax refund

Hi! We have yet to receive our Illinois State Income Tax refund. Are things backed up there, or should we..

Income tax refund

On February 22 I received a letter from the IRS for copies of my 1099-R I did contact my tax..

Do We Still have to File Annual TAXES?

Hi Terry, My wife & I are on Social Security now with No other Income. Do we still have to..

Payment tax plan

Hey Terry ! I listen to you all the time on the 720 WGN Radio I am a mural artist..

Federal tax refund

I just found out my refund was sent to my bank on 4-25-23. I haven’t seen it. Now, I realized..



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