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1040 SR — file electronically?

Good morning Terry, I have a question regarding form 1040SR. I filled it on line and had to mail it..

U.S. Economy

Hi Terry, would you please explain to me why, with the high unemployment rate and business closures, the stock market..

Sale of property

I sold property what I inherited what kind of tax am I going to be responsible for $210.00 property sale……………………..Thanks..

Disability payments payback over years

Briefly. I was on government disability 27 years ago for just over a year due to an almost fatal bout..

Tax Payment to the IRS by paper check via USPS

I have an offer in compromise that I have been paying regularly. My last 3 checks have not been cashed...

Tax refund

We filed / mailed paper tax form Feb. 24, and still have not received direct deposit of a large refund..



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