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1099K reporting for Illinois

Hello, Terry– I read today that the IRS is postponing Implementation of $600 Form 1099-K Reporting until 2024. However, the..

2020 Tax Refund missing

Hi Terry Quick question, I submitted tax returns for my 2 daughters in 2020, my first time doing my own..

2019 Taxes

Hi Terry- I live in Chicago. I submitted my 2019 Taxes by mail in August of 2022 (late but could..

Roth Conversion Calculation to Avoid IRMAA

I plan on converting a portion of my IRA to a Roth over the next several years. It is difficult..

2021 Tax, Dependent.

My wife’s sister lived with us for the whole 2021 year and is eligible to be claimed as a dependent..

Calling irs to set up payments have tried for 4 days on hold over 2 hours each day only to be hung up on

I do not have all the computer equipment I am a senior citizen My daughter who lives in another state..

Buying more shares of a stock before selling partial shares of same stock

A number of years ago I bought shares of XYZ stock. As the shares have been going down in price..

401k Roth Conversion

Hi Terry – I manage my own investments and do my own taxes and find you extremely valuable. I just..

Tax refund

Have not received my 2021 tax refund and now it’s time to file again. What seems to be the hold..

early tax payment

In our 2021 federal taxes, we paid the IRS about $600 additional to what was withheld. Our tax adviser said..

communicating with the IRS

My tax man filed my return electronically in April a few weeks later I discovered the social security number was..

unemployment tax refund

How long do I have to wait for the IRS to send a refund for the tax I paid on..

Farm income

Hi Terry, My wife inherited farm land from her aunt who passed away 4 years ago. She is now cash..

IRS Pause on taxes for eBay sales

Dear Terry We sold our house this year and had a big estate sale. The company that ran the estate..

IRS refund on unemployment income

Am I ever going to get the $2400 refund that I am owed from paying taxes on the $10,200 exempt..

2018 Amended Return Accepted But Haven’t Received Refund Check

Hello Terry, I mailed my federal amended return for 2017 in June of 2021 which to my surprise was processed..

2020 Tax Refund

Hello, I had to file an amended return in June of 2021 for my 2020 return. I still haven’t heard..

2021 Federal Tax Return still “being processed”

Hi Terry – Our accountant filed our 2021 federal tax return prior to the April deadline this year. The IRS..

Federal Tax Refund

On April 6th of this year my son had his accountant electronically file his Federal Tax forms. He received a..

Unemployment tax refund

I’m still waiting for my refund from last year for the tax I paid on the first $10,200 from unemployment..



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