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interest on bank cd’s

with banks charging 5% or more on mortgage loans etc. why are they not required to pay at least a..

2020 Federal Tax Refund

Hi Terry, I enjoy listening to you on WGN radio. We filled our 2020 federal return on time last year..

Profit from selling stocks

Made about 30 K from stock sales how can I not get tax on that profit put it in a..


I registered on Id.me. How do I navigate to get to transcripts of past 1040 returns?

Tax Refund

Terry – thanks for the response to my question on tax refund research assistance. Do you know if the LadderUp..

Taxable event

If the Grantor of a revocable trust transfers stock out of the Trust brokerage account (which uses the Trust tax..

Taxes on sale of stocks

Terry: I have a brokerage account with Fidelity that I opened with investments (individual stocks and money market funds) that..

IRS Refund

Hi Terry, snail mailed my 2021 fed return on February 8th. No info at all on “where is my refund”...

IRS Refund Higher Than Expected

Hi Terry, my 2021 Federal taxes were filed electronically through Turbo Tax. My tax situation is not complex. I received..

tax refund

I have a question about my tax refund for 2020 and 2021 since I had a complicated return after my..

Tax Refund

Hi Terry, My parents received letter 5071C requesting to go online and answer questions to move along process to receive..

State taxes for active military

In Illinois, do you have to file state taxes if you are active military? Last year they were filed. I..

Does a 16 year old have to file? I worked only made under 3000

I am 16 and worked a few months last year and I am getting nothing back my mom claims me..

Church Bond loss

I know bonds are complicated and church bonds while distributions are often housed in a traditional IRA are not really..

Social Security disability

If I get Social Security disability and no taxes are taken out can I still file income taxes at the..


Hi T.Savage. I filed my taxes 10th. Over-night mail. I’ve talked with irs rep and was told I should expect..

Trying to make a payment arrangement with IRS not able to succeed.

How to make a Payment arrangement with IRS

I need to prove I did NOT receive a check or a direct deposit .

resources to validate 2021 stimulus payment

Filing tax forms on an irrevocable trust

Hi Terry, Is it necessary for me , as trustee to my fathers trust, to file tax form 1040. This..

2020 Federal refund

Good evening Terry, my wife and I have electronically filed our 2020 tax returns that were accepted on May 3rd..



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