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Income Tax Identity Theft!!

One day after filing my income taxes via assistance from AARP I WAS INFORMED THAT TAXES WERE DENIED DUE TO..

1099-K for casual seller and taxes

Where on 1099 or what form does the1099-K information go on for the casual seller that is not a business..

Why all the job openings and no one wants to work?

I’m a financially responsible 72 year old who worked full time from age 16 to 64 than some part time...

Fed tax refund

I filed 2021 forms electromically Mar. 7, 2022. I have not received my refund. I elected to have a direct..

IRS payment

My tax payment was put in estimated tax for2022 when it should of been paid for 2021. I sent letter..

social security taxes

My husband has received $21,000.00 in social security and I have received $17,500.00. In addition to that, I also receive..

Back taxes

I owe the IRS 14k in back taxes. I do not own a business. I’m retired and a widow and..

amended return

Hi Terry, I filed an amended return with the IRS for 2018. Had to do on paper, and mail. IRS..

How to get a refund for 2020 unemployment taxes paid

Hi Terry, My husband and I were both furloughed for a period in 2020 and received unemployment income. We had..

Retirement 401k funds withdraw

How do I pay taxes for funds withdrawn from 401k. I did transaction online and didn’t click for Tax to..

Creating ID.Me account for federal refund answers

Hi Terry–my son, who makes a very modest income and has never had a problem receiving refunds with e-filing (H&R..

Income tax refund

My return was filed electronically in April and as of today, 7/27, I have still not received my refund. Is..

Waiting for my federal refund

I filed my 2021 federal income tax return on March 2 2, 2022 electronically thru Turbo tax. To date, I..


Love your advice on WGN. My mother passed in June 2021. Had to file a paper return. I have gone..

2021 paper tax return

Hi Terry, I’ve checked with the IRS using id.me (as you suggested), and they still do not confirm receipt of..

2020 Unemployment refund

I qualify for the 2020 unemployment refund, I still have not received it, is the IRS still working on those?..

It,s almost 5 mos since It’s re.d my refund request, where is it.

Where is my refund , I filed several mos. ago.

My taxes

I have gotten a Identity Quiz in the mail from the state and I went online and filled it out..


I just wanted to know the website to the IRS so I can check on my case.

Need Income Taxinfo

I saw Terry on a news show the other day and she mentioned that she had a link for anyone..



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