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Social security taxes

My wife and I receive social security of $5500 a month and the only other income we have is our..

IRS problem

I received a letter from the IRS stating that they need more information from me to verify my identity and..

State income tax refund

Hi! We have yet to receive our Illinois State Income Tax refund. Are things backed up there, or should we..

Income tax refund

On February 22 I received a letter from the IRS for copies of my 1099-R I did contact my tax..

Do We Still have to File Annual TAXES?

Hi Terry, My wife & I are on Social Security now with No other Income. Do we still have to..

Payment tax plan

Hey Terry ! I listen to you all the time on the 720 WGN Radio I am a mural artist..

Federal tax refund

I just found out my refund was sent to my bank on 4-25-23. I haven’t seen it. Now, I realized..


I am 69 have not starting to collect ss and have no w2 form for 2022, do i still need..

Income Tax Return

I’m a widowed senior. My CPA did my return electronically on 3/7/23. The IRS sent me a 5071C letter 3/23/23..

I heard there was an additional deduction for seniors over the age of 65 years

Is an additional deduction valid for seniors over 65, and if so, what is the amount?


What is the advantage of the senior tax form?

Unpaid taxes

Can you recommend the best option for someone who wants to get back taxes filed, and paid? Taxes have not..

taxes on unemployment

This year i had to pay taxes on unemployment from illinois. Last year Idid not, is this correct?

Proper handling of QCD

Our 2020 federal tax filing includes QCD information on form 1040 lines 4a and 4b as per instructions at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040gi.pdf...

Necessary to file income tax?

My only income in 2022 was social security($19,000) I withdrew $9000 from an IRA savings account. (I purchased a series..

Owe IRS back taxes

Hi Terry, I owe $20,000 in back taxes and tried to get installment payments setup with IRS but that was..

RMD Withholding

Rather than pay quarterly estimated federal tax payments I have it withheld from my RMD and this year I will..

Cost basis for transferred stock at death

My mother passed away last year. She owned some stock for which I was joint tenant. I’m transferring the stock..

Bail out

Why do you support those who gambled (invested -not a small accounts) being bailed out by government??? Shame on you...

Illinois $350. rebate — taxable??

Terry, Is the $350. rebate that we received from Governor Pritzker shortly before the November election, which probably could have..



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