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Tax refund

I e-filed my federal return in February. I have not received my refund as of today. I went to the..

Past due taxes

My children have contacted Octima for help with past taxes due. Their fee is almost $10,000 Is there anyone else..

tax refund from my amended tax return

My account made an error on my tax return which had me make an overpayment of 5000. He filed an..

Searching for new accountant.

Hello, my accountant is retiring and I need to find a new one. What is the best way to search..


When a spouse dies (dob 1/24/1951) and there is non-deductible IRA basis on both spouses’ IRAs, if the surviving spouse..

How to find status of offer to compromise

My son has filed an offer to compromise with the IRS. WE cannot get anywhere to find out the status...

irs refund extensive delay. Is this the new norm

I am having a big problem with the IRS regarding my 2023 tax refund. I submitted my return electronically on..

Taxes with a NEC

I rent a booth in antique mall. I am charged $150 month rent and a 15% commission . On my..

cost basis

Hello I have a taxable mutual fund for 25 years that has grown . I need to redeem it to..

Illinois state taxes refund

I recently mailed in my “2022” state taxes. 2 months ago. I have not gotten my refund and nothing in..

Tax refunds not being sent

I haven’t received my federal taxes for the years of 2022 and 2023, who do I contact or how do..

Tax Refund

How can i get information regarding my tax refund? They accepted my federal return on 2/28/24 and there is no..

Turbo Tax vs IRS Silliness…

Turbo tax efile. Refund approved and expected by turbo tax by expected date in early Feb. IRS where’s my refund..

We owe the irs

We owe federal taxes from 2021 and 2022. I can’t get ahold of a person to talk to when I..

Turbo Tax

They deducted fees that were to come from a refund. Early

Head of household

My daughter and 2 grandchildren (ages 10 months & 2 years) live with me. She is on SNAP and TANF..


My husband passed away in Feb 2024. I filed my 2023 taxes and the IRS has not approved them. Is..

Excess IRA contribution

Hello Terry, I watch you at WGN and enjoy your topics, very helpful. I have a personal question regarding excess..

Tax Refund

I am receiving the $7500 electric vehicle rebate on my taxes for 2023. I filed electronically and they were accepted..

taxes on my social security

i live on social security only, do i have to pay taxes? iam 72 yrs. old and to date i..



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