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Federal tax return

Sorry to be a pest but I have emailed my questions 2 times and I have not received an answer...

National debt – reader calls Terry “a bit dated”!!

Have you read Stephanie Kelton’s book “The Deficit Myth”? It makes a lot of sense to me. Your views seem..

SALT — new exceptions in Illinois

Hi Terry, Wondering -Just heard you with Steve Bertrand – What about S-Corp (Instead of LLC) to be able to..

Income tax for 2020

I usually pay about $200 income tax yearly. My last tax cost $1,739. I did increase my quarterly IRA withdrawals..

Child tax credit impact

How does this new child tax credit affect my tax return? And will this affect being able to qualify for..

Amended taxes

I had to amend my 2019 Federal and State taxes…having to pay additional money as well as a penalty. Does..



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