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Stepped up cost basis

There is talk about eliminating the stepped up cost basis on assets being inherited by heirs. Would this include home..

unemployment benefits for IRS filing

i live in illinois and am filing my taxes on Monday. do i need to file both Federal and State..

Where’s My Refund?

I filed my 2020 taxes early and the were accepted by the IRS on 2/15. I have yet to see..

Late 1040 Filing Refund

I’m a perpetual late filer for reasons I won’t go into. However, I filed my 2016 taxes that were due..

Itemized Deductions – State of Illinois Sales Tax

We are retired, and are residents of Illinois. We take Itemized Deductions on Schedule A. Because our income is all..

1040SR federal tax form

Hi Terry I completed my 1040SR federal tax forms from the irs.gov site I had to add my agi on..



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