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Money Market Fund

How safe is the Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund (Settlement Fund)? it a good idea for “Chicken Money”?

iras that exceed the 250 K insurance

Hi Terry i have a total in IRAs at a credit union that exceed the 250 K insurance and they..

Increase In CD rates

How long does it take for CD rates to go up after the Fed raises interest rates?

T Bills

I would like to know if there is a limit to the amount of TBills you can buy in a..

Treasury Bills

Hi Terry, One of my treasury bills will be due on April 6, 2023. I plan on leaving it there..

FDIC account coverage

I have a joint account with my wife. Does the FDIC only cover $250,000 for a joint account or would..

sun cities financial ad for various cd interest

is Sun Cities Financial offer of almost 6% for a 6 month cd — a good investment to invest cash..

Banking crisis and military threats

I’m 70, have a pension, and money allocated to index funds in a 65/35 split. I’m worried about stocks as..

Saving after retirement

What are the best tax advantage ways to save money after retirement when IRA’s are no longer an option. I..

Savings and FDIC protection

Hi Terry! Q1 – what are your thoughts regarding some of the digital-only banks offering high savings APY – for..

Local credit unions

We have most of our readily available cash in our local credit union which is supposed to be insured by..


I have 250.000 that I want to invest . I CAN GET 4.4% AT SCHWAB MONEY MARKET BUT ITS NOT..

T-Bill OR I-Bond

Hi Terry, I have a $10,000 CD maturing next week. I want to take the money and buy either a..

Banks that have plenty of capital?

Has American Express got plenty of capital?

Interest rates

Hi Terry, I recently found and invested in Navy Fed Credit Union’s 5% CD which matures 13 months later. Are..

T bill

You said you can buy t bill on your site could you send me a message on how to do..

Didn’t get T-bill 1099

I can not access my 1099 from from Treasury Direct and can not get any response as to how I..


What do you think of short term cd 3 and 6 mo ? Thanks

Credit unions

I have my my money in a local credit union. We also have investments with our money manager. Our deposits..

interest rate — when will they peak?

Good morning, Ms Savage. At what point will interest rates top out. when would it be good to begin locking..



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