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Which time period is best to use with T-bills?

I’ve been using the 4 week choice and every month they put the interest into my bank acct. and I..

digital banks saving accounts

Good morning Terry, What is your opinion on cloud banks’ (e.g. the CloudBank) savings accounts? They offer a higher interest..

Suggestions on money market accounts

I currently have a money market account with avg $10k. Last year I made .03% 5.48. I hear about all..

Investment advice for beginners

I have never understood how investments, CD’s or IRA’s work, nor have I ever had enough money too invest. Now..

Treasury Direct IRA –no way!!

I have an existing Treasurydirect account. I want to. I’ve some of my IRA into t bills, do I open..


Do I need to wait for my t-bills to reach maturity date before I can have the monies Transferred to..


I have $10,000 that will mature from a special cd on April 28th. I would like to invest that into..

Investing on fixed income

Terry, I’m on SSDI, that is my only income. I’ve saved some money and would like to invest it. What..

T-Bill Redemption before maturity

Hi Terry, Is there any way a T-Bill can be liquidated before maturity? Thank you.

EE Bonds

Do I wait for EE Savings Bonds to mature before selling them?Thanks

Gov bonds

Hi Terry, I am a college teacher who regularly reads your column, have one of your books, and have been..

T-Bills and Taxes

Hello Terry – I love what you do – educate on finances – in all the ways you do it...


Hi Terry, You recently answered my Social Security inaccuracy and it has now been resolved, Than You. New question, we..

T- bills

When I schedule a t-bill to automatically renew- does it renew at the original interest rate? Thank you


What do you know about “Raisin” as a viable place to send “chicken money”? Is it a scam? Is it..

I Bonds

Hi Terry! I have $5,000 in I-bonds I started last year when the interest rate was higher. Do you recommend..

How safe are on-line only Savings Accounts [non-brick and mortar]

First, I have tried to research this subject myself but cannot find any information. I would like to know the..

What to do with savings at 80 years old

My son-in-law’s parents (both 80. Yrs. Old) are moving from Las Vegas to New Jersey to live by their daughter...


Terry – I listen to you every chance I get. I am trying to purchase T-Bills. When applying, it says..

Inheritance from house sale

I just acquired $250.000 from house sale from parents what is a good safe place to park this money I..



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