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Fixed annuity

I have a cd coming due and I can’t get much better than .60% for 18 months online. What are..

Savings account at Marcus

Hi Terry, I was wondering if you recommend Marcus by Goldman Sachs as a good place to save money as..

IRA CD account

My CD matures in one week what would suggest I reinvest money in? Amount is over 50,000usd Current CD rates..

mutual funds,IRA or ? (Terry says: Or a JOB!)

Hi! I am approaching 60, married, and neither me nor my wife are currently working or generating income. In the..


If FDIC only insures your savings up to $250000.00 , should you open another savings account to be safe??

Retirement Income — no risk

I have a million in savings mostly in CDs making nothing now. I’m 62 and ready to retire and would..



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