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I bonds for grandchildren

Is it still advisable to buy I bonds? I would like to put in grandchildren s name, is that possible?

Vacant Land Loan

Sold home & have cash in a money market. Bought land prior to home sale which has a 5.375% rate...

Best current interest rate accounts

Hi Terry, I have money in accounts at Chase currently. They aren’t paying very much on interest on savings/checking accounts...


Hi Terry, I have $ 50,000 to invest. I’m 70 and retired . What do you recommend?

T-bill question — (6-mo Yield on 11/28 could be around 4.7%!)

I tried last night online to purchase a 26 week t-bill through treasury direct based on the auction from Nov...

I bond

Hello at your advice I purchased a I bond for 10000$ at know time during the process did it give..

EE Bonds

My grandmother purchased EE Bonds as a gift to my cousin many years ago, some with both their names on..

I bonds interest

Good afternoon Terry, We purchased $10k in I Bonds in April of this year..I just checked my account and I..

i bond!

i think i bought i-bond oct 17th and it was not funded and i closed bank account i did not..

small investing

Hello Terry, We have $10k to $20k to invest in something. I’m 66 yrs old with about the same amount..

T Bills

Terry Long time follower . You always give great advice. In your opinion, how long do you think we can..

I-bonds Issue

Hi Terry! I just got the following letter from Treasury.gov: “8:08 AM (4 hours ago) to me A review of..

chicken money

what is chicken money>

I bond beneficiary

Does it go to estate. Or directly to survivor.

Confirming rate of return

I purchased Series I Savings Bonds on Friday, October 28 at around 8 am. The transaction didn’t appear on my..

T Bonds

How does T Bonds work if I invest 10,000 or 20,000 as in length of time and any penalties after..

i bonds

Dear Terry, I am experiencing a very frustrating situation with my Treasury Direct account. I have tried multiple times to..

Series 1 Savings Bond keeping my excess $ 10,000.

Dear Terry, Help. On June 22nd I deposited $20,000 in a checking account. The next day I bought a $10,000..

How is I-Bond Interest Calculated? Learn here!!

Is this correct that the new “Fixed Rate 0.4%” applies only to NEW I-Bond purchases from Nov 1? New 11/1..

T Bills and Inflation Rates

I’ve heard you talk about T Bills on WGN. Being a ‘low level’ investor, meaning that I am playing with..



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