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Series 1 savings bond

I signed up, through TreasuryDirect, last year and renewed this year a $10,000 savings bond. I want to put this..

Treasury Direct

Almost two years ago I followed your recommendation and (I thought) I had bought a 5 year bond for. $1,000..

Investment of funds in a special needs trust

Hello Terry, I have a special needs trust for my adult daughter, there is approximately100k in the trust fund at..

Saving Bonds

I have Saving Bonds Keep them or get Rid of them Thanks

E Bond Redemtion

I have a stack of old matured E bonds. I thought I heard you say I could redeem them online...

FDIC Insurance Coverage

A neighbor is spreading the idea that there will be massive bank failures next year because of the Central Bank..

Where to invest house sale money short term

Our condo sold quickly. We had to rent an apartment and we have put the almost 400,000 proceeds from the..

Tbills in Trust Acct

I have an Edward Jones account. Should I buy T bill through them in order to keep all of my..

I-Bonds (Reader takes Terry to task!)

RE: https://www.terrysavage.com/i-bond-rate-update-and-some-advice/ Thanks a LOT Terry !!! Great job on only providing HALF the information needed to make a sound..

Reinvesting T Bills

A great big “thank you”, Terry for all you do to help us! I have tried to find the answer..

Certificates of Deposit

I have some “chicken money” and want to find the online institution with the highest CD interest rate. Every one..

treasury direct account

Is it possible to open 5 treasury direct acounts with a POD for each grandchild? Or can I designate all..


Sorry I feel like a dope. When I am in the treasury direct web site and want to purchase t-bills..


You’ve given a suggestion to cash in last years purchase of IBonds in TreasuryDirect.com and then repurchase. I have paper..

High interest online savings account

Are online high interest accounts safe? Any recommendations?

Treasury I Bonds

I cashed my I Bonds as you discused. What Taxes do I need to file. State / Federal ? Will..

Best, safest, most flexible, online saving account that has good interest rates

I have a large amount in my bank savings account, but barely get anything for it. I am looking to..

CD in my Charles Schwab account

Hello Terry. I have a Charles Schwab account and have been putting $46000 a month into CD paying over 5%...

I bond

I heard you on wgn 11/1 you were discussing cashing in i-bond taking 3 month loss, buying the i-bond again...


You mentioned today on WGN about selling older treasures and taking the penalty and buying new ones. Didn’t hear the..



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