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Investing in Bonds

If 1 year from retirement (65 yr old), what do I put my non stock type investments in, if bonds..

Transfer of USSavings bonds

I am in possession of USSavings bonds that are co-owned by my deceased mother in law and recently deceased husband...

I Bonds

Terry – my wife and I have a number of jointly-owned I bonds which we have accumulated over the last..


Good morning Terry. My wife and I are 63.5 yrs old. I was permanently injured so all but some of..

Safe investing

Hi Terry, Quick question…My wife and I are 63. I’m retired and my wife still works. Our overall investment portfolio..

Elderly Mom’s investment strategy

Hi Terry, I love listening to you on WGN! I handle my 94-year-old mother’s finances. She is in an assisted..



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