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Adult children under 26 who are in college.

Hi Terry, my kids are 21 and 25 , live at home a d will be transferring to 4 year..

College Loan or private pay?

Dear Terry, We have roughly saved enough money for our daughters college fund, but the majority of the college fund..

Education Savings: 529 vs Traditional Savings accounts

Terry, my son is 9 and my daughter is almost 14. We live in Illinois and have their savings in..

mutual fund investment for grandchildren

I only have 2 grandkids and I want to open a financial mutual fund for each of them. I want..

Student loans

My children have federal student loans and private student loans they don’t make much money where is best way to..

Student loans

My son will be starting Indiana University in fall. What is the most federal loan that my son can get?..



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