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Hi Terry Can you clarify the need for fafsa application if your income is 150000k. The new state requirement to..

Student loans

Is there a possibility that student loan debt will be forgiven by the government? I am getting my masters in..

FAFSA– High School Teacher Makes it Easy

In today’s paper you described filling out the FAFSA as a “difficult task.” Really? As opposed to what? As a..

Investments for a Grandchild

Terry – We became grandparents for the 1st time a few weeks ago and would like to setup an investment..

Paying back student loan debt

Hi Terry, My grandson has student loans to pay back 2 I believe are federal. The other3 are Fannie Mae..

College funding — unused 529 plan?

You recently wrote that a 529 account is a parents best choice to prepare for college expenses. As a grandfather,..



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