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Parent plus loans

Hi Terry, we recently received a bit of money after my inlaws passed. It’s currently in a savings account earning..

School loan

I have proof Northwestern business college scammed me Ruthlessly of $67,000 for a paralegal certification and I completed the course..

Bright Start 529

Good evening. Spoke to you on the radio briefly today about 529’s. I have a bright start 529 for my..

529 college savings

I STILL dont get your enthusiasm for 529 plans. I am bailing out of my grandson’s Bright Directions with MorganStanley..

FASFA Rules on financial assistance from Grandparents

I read a recent article stating that grandparents assistance with finances will not affect the student’s financial aid eligibility. What..

College tuition

My husband and I will be paying off our mortgage in 7 years, when our son in a sophomore, he..

Parent Student Loan

I am considering paying off my Parent Student Loan with the proceeds of our home sale in the next year..

Tuition payments to through Sally Mae

My daughter was given college tuition pay through my ex-wife. She went thru Sally Mae and was denied the 4%..

Parent plus loans

Is there going to be any kind of relief for people carrying parent plus loans for there children college education...

College Loans

Hello Terry, my son is a senior and has $27,000 of FAFSA loans. Should I pay them off or is..

Ibonds versus college Illinois plans for grandchildren

Looking for pros and cons on both options for grandchildren. Thanks


Hi Teri, I enjoy listening to you on WGN radio. My question pertains to the FAFSA. My daughter is a..

529 fund

I’d like to open a 529 fund for my one year old grandson I need some basic instruction Thanks

Monetary Gift for Grandchild

Good Morning 🙂 I would like to give a monetary gift to my grandchild for her birthdays every year until..

Student Loans and Tax Returns

I have 2 questions. I listen to you on John Williams whenever I can but I’ve never been able to..

money for my grandkids

Hi I put away money from every paycheck for my 3 grandkids. It is not much but i would like..

Student loan after 20years!

I am 61 female have been paying on my student loans for 20 years. I have $12,000 left on two..

Student loans

My son needs a student loan for college. What and where are the best options?

529 plan for grandchildren when who knows what college will look like in the future

We are expecting our first grandchild. It was suggested to me by a financial advisor that using a 529 to..

Helping with college tuition

My grandson is now in his first year of college. He did not qualify for any federal help but did..



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