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Savings Plan for Grandchild

I want to start a savings/investment plan for my grandchild (6 months old). Something that can be used for education..

College $

Hi Terry This college payment thing the government is talking about forgiving 10.000 or more on loans ticks me off...

Savings options for children

Hi Terry, I have three children, ages 6-10. Shortly after they were born, I opened up a Schwab One custodial..

Student loan debt and Everest Fraud

Hello how you doing, I went to Olympia College in 2006 and it changed there name to Mt. Everest, they..

Student Loan (Terry says: Message to grandparents — think before co-signing!!)

How can I get a student loan forgiveness as a cosignor from sallie mae? I’m retired and my grand daughter..

Student Loans

Hi Terry, I have student loans and it has been on hold in the past year due to Covid-19. I..



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