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College Loans

I have twin girls going to two different school. What is the process to get loans to pay for their..

529 college plan money not needed

How can I avoid the $9000 tax after I close the account if my son gets a full scholarship this..

Old Student Loans

I have about $5,000 left on my student loans and I’m retired from the Community College system, SURS. Worked 21..

5 29 college funds losing money

I asked this once before but didn’t get an answer. I’m 80. I took out three- $5000 529 college plans..

College loans

My children will need to take out student loans unfortunately after any federal loans they receive. Are there any companies..

I bond or 529 college plan?

I have 3 grandchildren ages 12, 10, and 7. I put $500. In their 529 plan every year. With all..

US Savings Bonds

Is there anyway to use my US Savings Bonds that will mature in 2024 for my grandchildren education and is..

Co-Signed for a student private loan

Good afternoon. Our daughter recently decided to quit her teaching job and basically become jobless for no valid reason. My..

College fund

I am going to redo my trust. Currently I live in Senior Housing and I was thinking when I die..

Private Student Loan

My son just received an inheritance and wants to put a substantial amount toward the principal only of his private..

student loan forgiveness

My granddaughter has some outstanding college loan and we are wondering if there is any information of loan forgiveness that..

Student loan

Hi Terry I have a student loan question. Where does my Daighter go to apply For federal student loans ?..

Forgiving student debt

Hi, If student debt is forgiven going forward will the amount forgiven be taxable income? Also if it does go..

529 State Tuition Plan withdrawal

We had a family member set up a 529 State Tuition plan for one of our children. The account owner..

Student Loan

My daughter has four student loans that are all based on variable interest rates. With interest rates increasing, is now..

Student loans

I have 2 girls let’s say they each have $60,000 in federal loans. $35,000 unsubsidized at 4.9% $25,000 subsidized so..

Savings for Grandchild

What is the best way to save money for my grandson? Money Market? Ibond? Savings Bond? Not sure what my..

Student loan at age 60

60 years of age with a $45,000.00 student loan no assets?

Saving for College

My husband and I have three teenage children, one in college, one in high school, one in middle school. We..

College Funding

Thank you for taking my call today on WGN. I appreciate your insightful responses. As a followup to college loan..



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