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gifting a treasury note

can I gift a 6 month treasury note to a grandchild?

Student loan debt

Student debt loans are overwhelming for us. I am retired and my husband is soon to be. We cannot afford..

Investment for grandchild

What’s the best way to go as far as an investment for my grandchilds future? (He’s just turned one)

529 to Roth IRA

Hi Terry, I love your columns and interviews. My son is turning 25 in July and it looks like he..

Leftover 529 money

My some graduated from college and I still have $3500 left in his 529 plan. My daughter is getting married..

Saving for daughter’s education

Terry, My granddaughter has received money for birthdays and other gifts, my son would like to invest the funds for..

claiming a dependent & impact on financial aid

Good morning. My daughter turns 17 in April 2023 and is a senior in Fall of 2023. I am divorced..

529 savings

How to set up for a grandchild

investment for children

What is the best investment for a grandparent to make for a child’s college education. The child is 1 year..

Refinancing a private student loan

Hello Terry, Thank you for taking my question, first off. My question has to do with refinancing a private student..

Saving for college

I have opened up mutual fund accounts for my five grandchildren. Oldest is 15 and youngest is 10. They were..

1098E Parent Loan Interest

Why would we be getting 1098E Form for US Government on Student Loans when I thought they have been in..

College savings plans

My granddaughter was just born. I have $5000 saved to invest in a college savings plan, 529. Is Bright Start..

student loan repayment

This new student loan repayment that you wrote about – Is this in addition to the previous proposal that included..

College Savings, Late To the Game!

We have a great son who we are proud of and feel we’re doing a pretty good job of parenting...

Student loan forgiveness

I just read your article seen on MSN. I have been making payments during the pandemic forbearance to lower my..

Coverdell accounts and SECURE 2.0

I see that money held in 529 plans can eventually be converted to a Roth IRA of held for over..

529 under SECURE 2.0 Act

Your column and that of Elliot Raphaelson appear on the same page of Sunday’s editions of our local Virginian Pilot..

529 -Set up in Parent’s name or Grandparent’s name?

Hi Terry, Would it better to start a 529 for a grandchild in my name or have the parent set..

Financial Aid and UGMA accounts

Hi Terry…I have three kids (ages 14, 13 and going to be 10) and each has a TD Ameritrade account...



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