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Financial Aid when parent’s income impacted by Covid

My husband filled out the FAFSA form for our daughter, who is a senior, earlier this year. He has since..

Student Loans — How to get started in Repayment

Hello! This is a question about student loan refinancing. We have tried to find some advice online, but it is..

Student loans

Need help or direction for my daughters school loans. We need to Consolidate while interest rates are low.

investing for Great-grandchild

What fund/investment / savings’ bond, T- bill would you suggest for an infant? I don’t want to buy clothes that..

College fund now breaking even after drop

Terry, I pay in bright start college fund right now and I just got back the money I lost earlier..


We are saving for the last 2 years of college for our son. I would like the money we are..



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