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529 College Savings Plan

Thank you for all your knowledge shared on WGN radio! I am wondering if you know what is a comparable..

Coverdale rollover to 529

Terry, good afternoon. Spoke to you briefly on the John Williams show today but was not able to finish. This..

Brightstart 529

Does it matter who (parent or grandparent)opens a 529 account? Is there any benefit to one or the other? Also,..

Student loan Forgiveness

I like so many others have been let down by the current administration with loan forgiveness. I put my loans..

Best savings plan for my grandson

Hi Terry, I have a 17 month old grandson who we want to sent up a savings plan for college...

Student loan for son

Hi Terry. I am a retired condo Chicago Police Sergeant and have college loans taken out for my son. Should..

Book for college

Could you please tell me the name of the book you recommended for kids before choosing a college? I have..

Brightstart 529.

I started a BrightStart 529 for my Grandson. My question is, What if he chooses NOT to go to college?..

College loans

Terry my daughter has about $27K in outstanding federal loans. She has never made a payment but will be starting..

Unable to contact Nelnet to pay my student loans or request a deferment

I am divorced and have to share a student loan account with my ex-husband, so I pay on the loans..

529 contributions by grandparents.

Hi Terry! We recently made a contribution to a 529 account FBO our grandson. They live in Kentucky. I don’t..


I’m in the Brightstart plan. I want to move my funds into their MMF or Bank account as listed in..

Other ways to fix student debt

If I don’t go with the company that’s talked about in the article would another way to fix my debt..

US citizen living abroad

My daughter married a Canadian and lives there. She is expecting a baby who will have dual citizenship. How do..

Student loans

Hi Terry. I’m a retired Chicago Police Sgt. and I have my deferred comp account that is doing well. We’re..

Grad Student Loan Payoff

I would like to help my daughter with her Grad Student Loans. I would payoff the entire amount for her..

529 plan

I would like know where to purchase the 529plan and what bank?

529 Plans

Getting ready to buy a 529 plan for my granddaughter. Going between Bright Start or Bright Directions. Any advice which..

College savings for grandchildren

I’d like to start putting money into an account for my new grandchild. What should I open and where?

Student loan

My daughter is going to DePaul University and has to take a loan out for about 20k. Whats the best..



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