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credit cards

i have a few credit cards with no balances. My question is should i Cancel the ones with the highest..


I have an account that has been closed due to debt. Once the account is paid off in full will..

Fix my credit card debt

I know I asked you this question this summer but, if you answered it on channel 9 news I miss..

I feel trapped: my credit score is low and i don’t know how to raise it!

Hi Terry, I’m 31, make 85k, and just moved back to the suburbs with my parents to save money after..

Financial Advisor for credit help

I’m having issues saving money. Should I get a financial advisor?

Credit Report

During the Pandemic I placed a freeze on my 3 Credit Reporting Agency reports due to unemployment fraud submitted under..

Credit Card vs Personal Loan

Need to raise funds for part of upcoming eye surgery that is not covered by Medicare or insurance. What area..

Loan to daughter —

Terry, my daughter was in financial debt so we helped her pay off her credit card debt and loans. We..

Opinion on Home Equity to pay down debt

My wife and I both work and have about $50,000 in debt. Our home is payed off and we really..

Identity theft? Received card I didn’t ask for!

I rcvd today GO2 Bank debit card with a different name than mine – I am not part of this..


Is now a good time to take out a small bill consolidation loan to get rid of credit card debt?..

Credit card debt

I am 78 and have 25,000 dedt What is my options. My income is 20,000 a year

debt — personal loan

I’m looking for a reliable place to get a small loan (under 10k) to consolidate and pay off credit cards,..

Personal expenditures

TS: Is there a person/firm that will review my income and expenditures and suggest ways to save money on a..

Finance Charge on credit card

Hello – I do not understand how CC charges finance charge – I have a reg Chase CC – I..

Retirement funds

I am a 67 year old retiree and I have a 2500.00 expense I’m trying to decide to use a..

credit card

what is the best way to lower down a credit card bill and do u have any tips that you..

credit cards

What is best for credit score, closing a credit card or just leave it open and not use it? Thank..

Credit card

My daughter is 21, second year in college. My husband and I think she should get a credit card. With..

10k loan.

Bello Terry, I have the opportunity to secure a 10k loan, but I must put up my 2010 Taurus. I..



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