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Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Terry: My wife and I have about 50K in credit card debt. I am using a service that will negotiate..

Credit report

Is it good to put a freeze on your credit report yes or no

Unwanted Magazines I did not order!

Hope you can heip me. I continue to receive magazines that I did not order. The magazines are addressed to..

No bankruptcy, u sed call these other guys, who was that

I’m in the exact boat you sed I’d be in. My excuse, trying to keep my daughter & 4 kids..

Best place for “extra” money

Is it better to put extra money in my savings account? Apply it to my mortgage? Or pay down my..

Credit card debt

Hi Terry, I am 68 years old with $14,000.00 credit card debt. My monthly pension is only $1,600.00. From that..

Credit Cards

I have had the same two credit cards for around two decades. The Visa Amazon Rewards card is the one..

My sister’s husband died and left her in great debt.

My sister’s husband passed away recently and she is in more debt than she ever knew. She will receive his..

Credit Score

I was invited to open a “Custom Credit Line” ($35K) from Citibank on July 2013. I have never used the..

Credit Reports

Who can help us understand our credit reports and help us clean up and improve our credit score? We were..

Credit Card Debt of Deceased parent

Who is responsible for the credit card debt of a deceased parent – one credit card – in parent’s name..

Living paycheck to paycheck/retirement

Hello Terry, Help! I’m single and turned 60 in July 2021. I am nowhere near ready ready for retirement anytime..

Credit or cash for new car?

I had no credit for a few years because of giving up credit cards. I saw you on wgn and..

Accessing Credit Score Information

I’ve spent the last two hours on my computer trying to obtain a simple credit score and have been going..

Lease care? Buy it out?!

My lease is coming to an end in 4 months- With inflation & higher car prices & a limited in..

closing credit cards that a with $0 balance

Is it a good idea to close a credit card after paying in full?

Adding grandson to credit card

If I add my 16 year old grandson to a credit card would that get him a jump start on..


This came up on my daughter’s credit report for 2/2/2022. We can’t get a hold of a human being. And..

1099-C — Taxes on my credit card debt settlement!!

I received a 1099-C form in the mail, actually two of them. First time for me. They’re both Cancellations of..

Credit card fees

Without filing for bankruptcy bankruptcy how do I avoid credit card fees going forward I have 3 credit cards with..



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