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Personal Loan

My husband passed a little over 3 yrs ago, unfortunately I only had a small life insurance policy on him...

Debt collectors after me, I’m a senior

I’m on social security and have tried paying off my credit cards. Unfortunately there is one debt that was sent..

Debt Consolidation

I have 3 credit cards and 4 store credit cards. 4 of those cards are at the limit or over..

Credit Card High Interest Debt

Terry my son is in his mid 20’s and has accumulated about $18,000 of debt on three credit cards; one..

Credit score

Where should I go to get my credit score

credit card debit from deceased family member

I am the executor of my dad’s estate. His home sold at the end of February so I am in..

Should I pay off loans

Hi I came into some money and I’m wondering if I should use it to pay off a car and..

My credit card was cancelled

Hi Terry, I Love your WGN program with John Williams ! You always give such great advice . After over..

Credit score

My daughter keeps checking her credit score and seems like it keeps going down. She use her credit card for..

Closing accounts once paid to 0 balance –

Hello Terry – Should one close an account as it is cleared or leave it open. Have been advised both..

Credit Scores

What factors impact an individuals Credit Score and why does an individuals credit score fluctuate?

Identity Theft

Hi Terry, I recently signed up and froze my credit on the Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. Today I received..

Late fees accumulation

Hi Terry, I recently opened a home depot credit card and unfortunately for me ignored the bill for 3 month..

Freezing Credit

How to unfreeze my credit.

Debt consolidation without a loan

Does this hurt your credit? Navicore Solutions

how to freeze your credit

how do i freeze my credit

Debt consultation

What is the (800) help number you gave on WGN for free assistance with personal debt?

Credit freeze

I am 79 years old. More than once, I have been notified by a medical provider that their data base..

Debt consolidation

Hello! I am considering going with a debt consolidation company, freedom debt relief, opposed to filing for bankruptcy or taking..


I received two suspect letters from Transunion with my address but someone else’s name. I’d like to check my credit..



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