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Turned down for auto loan

My husband and I purchased a new car in 2019. We could have paid cash for it at that time..

Student Loan Balance 275K TERRY SAYS: Don’t marry him!!!!

Hi Terry, I listen to your podcast and on WGN. My daughter is getting married Aug 1st after postponing x..

Home Equity Credit

Hi Terry, My wife and I own our home – it’s small but we have no mortgage payment. I like..

Paying off credit card debts

Hello terry I have few credit cards it makes a total of $20.000 unfortunately with the pandemic , How can..

IDES fraud for deceased

My husband died 5 1/2 years ago. On Friday, he received a letter indicating he had been approved for IDES..

Credit Card debt

I know having to much credit card debt can hurt your credit score, but can paying it all off at..



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