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Should I take advantage of Identiy Monitoring Services after learning of a data breach to my financial account ?

Greetings Terry. I recently received a letter from one of my financial services firms that my account information had been..

credit card debt in old age

My husband has over 30,000 in credit card debt in his name only. He is 75. Should he file for..

Shared credit card woes after death

I have a Discover card from years ago that I got in my name I had a 18,000 limit and..

Withdrawing from 401k plan early

Hi Terry, I have an old 401k plan for my previous job. I’m 55 still currently employed. I have a..

Another Credit Bureau?

I froze my credit accounts with all 3 major credit bureaus a few years back. Have now heard of another..

How to best handle old debt

My daughter (31) had bad credit card dept from a number of years ago. She has never tried to pay..



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