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Canceling a credit card

I want to cancel a Discover card since 2005 that I had for gasoline purchases. Never understood their program so..

403b funds to pay off debt.

I’m set to retire via TRS in spring 2025. We still have a lot of credit card debt we are..

Protection against data breach and possible ensuing fraud

I just received a letter from Cook County Health about their data breach and the steps I should take to..

credit limit

Received letter from Capital One saying the credit limit on my Venture Visa credit card is being lowered to $5000...

Paying all bills on a certain Visa card

I would like to pay all my utility bills, phone, internet and cable through my Visa card. We pay the..

Credit cards

I have been taking advantage of no interest credit card transfer balance. I have been paying my credit cards off..

Borrowing money

Hi! I listen to you all the time on WGN! My husband and I would like to borrow some money..

Canceling an unused credit card

Does canceling an unused credit card affect my credit score? Thank you,

Husband died a left a lot of credit card debt

My husband died in Sept of this year. What do I do with all this credit card debt that I..

Best way consolidate credit card debt

Hi Terry, I have close to $50,000 in credit card debt. I have a mortgage of about $255,000 with a..

40 year old daughters bad credit

My daughter has a 480 credit score. If I add her to one of my credit cards will it help..

Pension fund data breach

Received a notice of breach including Corebridge Financial that included PBI. They want me to send my social security number..

Credit cards

Any recommendations for a good credit card? I need a second card. I have no debt and have never carried..

Credit Reports

Why can’t you get a credit report from Equifax without a cell phone number? Called and went to WWW.annualcreditreport.com and..

No interest credit card ending

Hello – I opened a no interest credit card to pay a large dental bill. There is a $7k balance..

fico score freeze?

I thought I heard you say something about freezing ur fico on the news a few days ago. Why would..

Credit card Debt

We have over $50,000 in credit card debt and we have over $90,000 in a 401k. Should we take the..

Building credit for young people

My son is 20 years old, he entered the trades and has an excellent job, making great money, and has..

Freeze Credit Reports?

Hi Terry, I don’t plan on making a large purchase or moving. Do you recommend freezing three credit reports? I’m..

Credit cards

I am 57 with $90,000 in 401k, and a $200,000 mortgage on a $350,000 home. I have $26,000 in credit..



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