Credit/Debt Questions

Identity protection

Hello Terry, In freezing my credit at Equifax, they said I opened a car loan in March /24. I did..

credit card debt

credit card card consolidation company reccomendation.

Credit card written off

Several cards are written off and closed yet I’m being bothered by debt collectors on these closed accounts. What can..

negotiated credit card debt

My daughter entered into a negotiated credit card payment arrangement with a company (I don’t know the name). I have..


Hi Terry, Was curious on your view of non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (Dept of the County). Debt is out..

Home Equity /Refinance

I am trying to get a home equity loan to pay off a high interest credit card (29 percent). They’re..


I need a good consolidation company

credit debt

My wife and I have ~44,000 in high interest credit debt (>26% rate) with interest charges >$1,1oo per month (and..

Credit card debt

I was unable to write down the website, but a few weeks ago you mentioned a company that you stated..

Credit Freeze for Adult Disabled Son

We’ve already froze ours and are trying to freeze our adult son’s credit, who has disabilities. Equifax supervisor on the..

401k Cashout

Hi Terry, I’ve heard you on the radio and I was hoping you’d be able to help me with this..

Mortgage vs Credit Card Interest Rates

Credit cards state that interest rates are based on the Federal Banks numbers. Mortgage Rates are also based on federal..

Closing Credit Card Accounts

Hi Terry, I really enjoy you on the radio & your columns. You are the finance guru! I was deep..

Getting money out of annuity when TIAA says it is impossible.

I have a 403b with TIAA, and opted to receive direct deposit funds monthly instead of annually after I retired...

Pay off home equity loan

What are your recommenations for paying off a home equity loan? Amount of loan is not going down due to..

Credit reports and freezing credit

I love your segments on WGN. I am confused. I just went into the three credit bureau websites to see..

Credit Card predatory charges

Terry, I purchased furniture at the room place 3 years ago on a 36 month interest free promotion. I was..

Debt Reduction

I read your Mar. 16 article in the Chicago Tribune, “The dangers of debt” with great interest. Pun intended. My..

Bill paying/retirement saving

I started late and did a few dumb things over time . I have 11,000 in card debt, two cars..

Paying off credit card debts

Not a question. Sharing the strategy I used to eliminate our credit card debt years ago. Since I got paid..



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