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Ira to Roth conversion.

Hello Terry. I’ve been doing a Ira to Roth conversion for a few years. Can I do a conversion in..

Financial Planner Fees

HI Terry, enjoy your columns and listening to you on the radio. Is $10,000/yr a normal fee to manage my..

Life insurance – financial adviser

Can you recommend a company for life insurance? And a company that I can talk to for financial advice? We..

deceased spouse’s IRA

My husband passed away in March and I now have the option of rolling over his IRAs into my name...


I am 65 and thinking of retiring in the next year or so. I currently contribute 20% of my salary..


Hello Terry, I have a small amount in my IRA. Can you please advise if I can move it or..

Inherited IRA

Love you and love listening to you on WGN. I’m 71, and inherited Fidelity IRA from my Mother in 2019...

leaving money to Grandkids

So I am 77 and have some money. Wrote one annuity to leave it to 5 Grandkids. But if one..

Gifting individuals more that $16,000 in year 2022, and the tax or financial penalty that willi incurred from the IRS

For year 2022, a U.S. citizen is allowed to give maximum $16,000 without any tax or financial penalty to as..

Combing Roth IRA money

How long does it take to transfer money from one Roth to another. By request, I received some forms from..

financial advisors

Our current financial advisor has switch our accounts to Woodbury. I’ve done some research and I don’t like what read..

SSA –early?

I just retired from cta I am almost 63 should I collect from ssa at age 63 I feel comfortable..

Social Security Question

I recently read your response to “Social Security HUGE MISTAKE” April 16, 2022. I started SS in February of this..


Hi Terry What is the best option when it comes to setting up a trust fund What I want to..

401k to Roth conversation

Hi Terry! I’m getting ready to leave my job and head to law school. I have about $50k in a..

Social security

Regarding at what age to take SS . Aren’t the schedule of payments based on actuarial tables? So the government..

What to expect when taking 401K distributions in three years.

Hi. My wife and I expect to start taking monthly distributions from our 401K in about 3 years. I’ll be..

Saving for Retirement

Hi Terry, My son is 30 years old. Although he is gainfully employed, he has not worked for any business..

Pension and social security

I am retired from a college I am on social security I want to take my pension how will that..


Hi Terry, would you be able to point me in the right direction towards a financial advisor in Port St...



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