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Will possible 6.1% COLA on SS make it smarter to claim this year?

I will be 68 next month and haven’t taken SS yet. My plan was to wait until 70. My financial..

401 k — not paying attention, need to roll over

Hi, I have 3 401ks from different employers. I don’t know passwords as I never updated info when I was..

Social security — wanna bet?

Terry All things being equal, you only beat me on waiting to take ss until 70, at 80 years old,..

401K fees

Hi Terry, Several years ago I was laid off from an employer where I had a 401K plan through Nesteggs..

Social Security & Federal Govt benefits formula

I am a retired federal gov’t employee & was told by a SS employee that using the fed gov’t formula..

Social security for non-working spouse

My wife never worked because she was a homemaker for my kids and a care taker for her mother. Will..



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