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best way to take pension spouse survivor refund

Since I just retired at age 65 without a spouse, I have to decide how to take the refund of..

IRA Withdrawal — but didn’t cash the check

On August 30, 2020 I closed an IRA CD for $218,000 with the plan of moving it into some other..


I asked the question this morning on the money show about the husband/wife team which was right in your wheelhouse!..

Investing — and who to trust

I am a recent widow and would like to invest insurance money and money from a Florida home sale and..

401k vs ira

I’m 59 1/2 A financial advisor wants me to pull out $80,000 of my $100,000 that I have in my..

Revocable Trusts

In 2005 my wife and I set up separate revocable trusts when the estate tax limits were much lower. Now..



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