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Social Security Benefits at FRA

Hi Terry…I reached Full Retirement Age. Do I need to know anything before I apply to start receiving benefits? Thanks

Beneficiary for life insurance

Terry What is your recommendation? Should the primary beneficiary be the spouse then the children per stirpes OR Primary be..

Retirement 401k

I’m retiring now, should I rollover all my 401k to a new custodian like Fidelity?

senior living buy in

Hi Terry! Could you explain what the buy-ins (minimum $250,000) are all about at senior living facilities? I have heard..

Pre-Death documents

Can these documents be done online: Transfer of Death, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney for Healthcare,..

investing or putting in CD?

I’m a healthy 79 yr old and had invested with a bad financial advisor. I recently switched to a new..

Roth IRA

I am considering cashing out an annuity account, taking the surrender amount, and want to roll it over into a..

My spouse’s social security benefit after my death

Good afternoon Terry, I am currently receiving a civil service pension after retiring from the U.S. postal service. After my..

IRA Contribution

Hi Terry, I contribute the maximum amount allowed on my employers 401(k) and Roth 401k. I also contribute a certain..

SEP-IRA or Solo 401(k) for Side Hustle?

Hello Terry, I have a full-time job but also work as a freelance musician during my spare time, which generates..

Social Security sign up for Fed employee

I’m a federal employee still working turning 65 in June. When I retire I will be able to keep my..

How do I check out a financial planner

How do I check the credentials of a financial planner

Long Term Investment Strategy

My wife and I have recently experienced an unexpected financial windfall when her only brother passed away unexpectedly and left..

401K to cash close to retirement

Thank you ahead of time! I’m going to retire any day now, however I was thinking of converting 401k to..

Retirement strategy & social security

I am a 67 yr old divorced female employed full time with medical benefits Retirement goal is about 70 yrs..

Morgan Stanley

I moved half of my savings $ 1.3 to MS being managed, and $500k under my control. I am 60..

Financial advisor

Hi Terry, My husband will be retiring in 2025. We are both in our 50s and need to find a..

Life insurance term ends

Both my husband and I are 58 and retired, on good pensions. Our home, valued at over $440,000 will be..

minimize federal taxes

Hello, Terry. I have $50,000 matured E savings bonds and have to take $15, 000 RMDs. I’d like to get..

Mutual funds From Work

I’m 70 years old and have a retirement fund at work although it is not a 401(k) it’s mutual funds..



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