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Questions cd s and or savings

I’m almost 67 n have about $16,000.00 In an ira savings earning almost nothing in my credit union. My question..

Treasury bills through Schwab — fees??

Hi Terry, We purchased a significant amount of treasury bills through Schwab. I am now being charged an annual fee..

IRA investment

I have about $141,000 in an IRA at a local bank. I was thinking about doing a rollover into the..

investment for 2nd home, and extra cash

Where is the best return on a 25 K investment. I can withstand 10,000 loss. I would want to collect..

Best Return on investment

Where is the best return on a 25 K investment

Investment Portfolio

Is this a good time to convert to cash in my 401(k) in the event the debt ceiling is not..

How invest $250,000

Hi Terry, I am looking for some ideas to invest $250,000. I recently invested in a 5-year annuity with Chase..


Would you recommend investing in gold, dividend stocks or tax free bonds?

Payoff Rental Property Mortgage Early or Invest the money in stocks

I have a mortgage of $178000 on a rental property. There is 23 years left on the mortgage. It has..


Your opinion of vanguard’s high yield bond fund for the future?

401k rollover

Hi Terry, my daughter just recently resigned from a company which had a 401k plan in place for her. Upon..

My financial portfolio

I am an 80 year old woman with about $500,000. I am down about $40,000 in my IRA which is..

tax exempt bond funds

which are the best tax exempt bond funds to buy today

Stock Market

Should I pull out of the stock market after losing $20,000 plus since last April when I initially invested. My..

WGN Noon Business Hour

When will Dr. Bob Froelich be on the WGN Noon Business Hour next ? Thank you


Terry, Are you familiar with BMO’s “Smart Portfolio” as compared to let’s say, Fidelity or T Rowe Price. Looking at..

investment companies

my cpa suggested this company to invest in, do you have any info on them? FranklinTempleton ,Primerica. also thanks for..

Ira standard vs Roth

Im a 58yo female-have no retirement plan. Would like to start with a plan-Can I go through my Statefarm agent..

coupon rates vs yield

Could you please explain coupon rates on Treasury Bonds versus yields what is better

401K plan suggested by Fidelity

Hi Terry, I am 60years old and planning on retiring in 7 years. I have an aggressive portfolio right now..



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