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401k at retirement

Where should I invest my 401k now that I have retired?

Retirement fees

I am a retired teacher NOT from CPS and I have a portfolio of investments in mutual funds. I have..

Self-Directed IRA

Wish to have IRA make direct payment to current holder of sister’s residential mortgage; sister will then make payments to..

Investing for 14 year old

Grandson 14 wants to start saving/investing. He asked about Roth. Not sure what he should do. Any suggestions. Thanks Randy

At&t common shares

I have 100,000 in at&t bought though the company were I worked for 38yrs. Should I hold or sell.

401k rollover and 2019 income tax

Hi Terry, I saw your segment on WGN yesterday regarding 401k rollovers. I have a few 401k accounts from several..



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