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My son who is in college would like to invest $1000.00 – what is the most pragmatic investment he should..

401k rollover

I retired 6/2020. I am 68 years old. I have a 401k and have withdrawn nothing. The company I worked..


I’m 66 ,I have $ 200 k in vanguard funds 60% stocks 40% bonds. I probably won’t retire for a..

Treasury Bond ETF vs. CD

For some of the money in my retirement account, which is better: a 20 yr treasury bond ETF or a..

401k Roth Distribution due to Termination

I’m 24 years old with $9,190 in Roth 401k, $1,119 in employee pretax, and $471 employer match, totaling value of..

Vanguard IRA Account

Hi Terry, I’m 75 and have been going through a divorce for more than 4 years. I have a Vanguard..

retirement portfoilio

Hi Terry, From January of 2022 to date, my wife and I have lost roughly 13 percent of our entire..

Closed down mutual fund

My husband and I are in our 70’s. We just received proceeds ( 20,000)from a mutual fund that closed down...

Treasury Inflation Protection Securities

I invested in TIPS in my 401K and added to it earlier this year. I was surprised that my September..

Investing for 27 year old

Hi Terry – I love listening to you on Wgn. I’m a 27 year old female and have 25k to..

UHC stocks — when to sell

I worked for UHC and received stocks as part of an employee program. I am receive social security now and..

Investing for retirement

My husband and I are 42 & 43 yrs old. We have a little over $18K in savings. No retirement..

102 Year Old Stocks for The Kerr Oil Company — find value?

Hello Terry. I was recently going through some of my deceased mothers documents and I came across two 400 Share..

Roth IRA

I see you on Ch. 9 at times. I caught the episode of recommendation for newbies to start with a..


Is it worth purchasing stock through Cash App?

Stock purchase

Hi, I purchased Apple stock through bCash App,was this a wise decision?

Apple stock

Hi Terry, I purchased $2 worth of stock with Apple, wil it be worth investigating that small amount with Apple?

401K Contribution

I am 64 years old, work full-time. My husband is 71 years old and retired. I contribute 15% of my..

Advisor required mandate to rebalance

JPM advisor requires signing a mandate that automatically rebalances my IRA account to assure a certain stock/bond/cash mix. My conservative..

Precious metals

What are your thoughts on Gold IRA’s? Where do you see precious metals heading in the near future?



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