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Profit Sharing

My work does not tell me what my profit sharing is invested in. Why don’t they tell me and are..

Floating Rate High Income Fund

Hi, Terry! I’m looking at the Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate High Income Fund (FFRHX). It is currently paying a 7.50%..

Convert my 401 and my wifes 403 to cash

Hi Terry, I would like your opinion I am considering converting my 401(k) and my wifes403, which is approximately 1.4..


I’m 71. I have a 401K plan from a previous employer. Business was sold and new owner will not contribute..


I have a little over 110,000 dollars in Amazon with a profit of 25.000 . should i sell 25.000 of..

My bond fund with Fidelity

I have a bond fund that has never made any money but has gone down. I did this for safety.,..

Transfer Mutual Fund Assets

I want to transfer a mutual fund account assets directly into a different mutual fund account held at a different..

Gold Market

Hi Terry: What is your opinion of investing in the gold market?

ETrade account and Morgan Stanley

With the purchase of E*Trade by Morgan Stanley, a merger will happen with my E*Trade account by September 1, 2023...

Annuity — advisor says sell

Hello Terry, I have an annuity started 8/2016 for $73,971. Guardian 200% guaranteed lifetime withdrawal. next 7% guaranteed is 8/16/2023...

Tech Stock to T Bills

I have about 10k invested in Tech and with the pending strike of UPS I think I should move it..

Mutual funds when 80 years old

I’m turning 80 soon. My income is from Social Security, an Annuity and an IRA. My income is $3700 a..


Took your advice ( at the Beverly Arts Center) and consolidated 5 small annuities, some from fraternal organizations, into one..

stock exchange

I own Johnson&Johnson stock. They are asking me if I would like to exchange this stock for Kenvue common stock...

Pending UPS strike and stocks

I am 70 and currently have $10k in a Black Rock account. I am wondering if you would suggest moving..

Unknown purchase price of stock

Hi Terry, I bought my girls stock over 20 years ago. I had the paper certificates and they are now..

Trust as beneficiary

Can I name my Living Trust as the beneficiary of the individual stocks that I own instead of renaming the..

401-K Rollover

I am retiring in 2 weeks. May I roll over my 401-K in to an IRA in Treasury Bills? I..

ROTH IRA for minors

Thoughts on opening a ROTH for my teenage children? Do’s and don’ts?

18 year old granddaughter want to invest $1000.00 she has saved

My granddaughter will turn 18 in a week & has been working during her high school years. Tonight she ask..



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