Investments Questions

Retirement Funds

At present we have just over $700,000 combined in our 401(k) and Roth retirement accounts. We are 65 and 61..

ETFs vs Mutual Funds

Hi Terry, I would like your comments regarding ETF vs Mutual Funds—which is better? Or, what are the advantages/disadvantages of..


Is silver a good buy and where to buy silver Thank You


Hi Terry, came into a money settlement and I would like your opinion on how to invest it without paying..


I am 80, my daughter 23. Wondering instead of selling my stock in my own account and buying stock in..

Got hammered by WBA and TSLA

Hi Terry, I continually look to educate myself on these two stocks but the future does not look bright. Bought..

Bond mutual fund

Some years ago I invested in a bond mutual fund that invested in short term treasuries and high quality bonds...

Tax-free bonds

Are there any investments that are tax free on both the state and federal level? And are safe, your original..

Zero coupon Treasury notes

Terry, can you tell me the difference between treasury notes and 0 coupon treasury notes ? I already have an..


Terry I hear you speak of treasury bonds often what is your opinion about government agency bonds for retirement income

AI stocks

What’s the best AI stock to buy right now? My spouse and I Are both retired at 55 with a..


I have twenty thousand dollars to invest and I want to know my options

Financial advisors

Would you recommend using a financial advisor at Fidelity?

401K Rollover

Hello Terry, I am 51 years old and and currently work at a public school in Illinois. I used to..

Municipal Bonds

Our tax man suggested looking into municipal bonds as we paid too much in taxes from CD’s in 2023. What..

Broker Transfer, then Sale, changed to STG rather than LTG

Hi Terry! I’ve had some shares of IBM for nearly 30 years, both paper and electronic certificates. I consolidated everything..

Stocks — Terry says Don’t let this mess happen to you!

My husband and I own approximately $16000 worth of various stocks some held by the company and some in certificates...

Goverment TSP funds

Hi Terry, Love your column in the Sunday edition of the Sentinel, here in Orlando. I would like to know..

IRA — Regular or Roth?

I’ll be 73 in December and must take RMD’s from my 403b’s. I think I’ll put the funds into a..

retirement savings

Good Morning Terry, We have almost all of our retirement savings in an IRA with one investment firm. We are..



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