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My husband and I are 69 years old we are both working still because we have a mortgage on our..


I am a 67 year old retiree. I have loss over $30,000 because of the stock market being down for..

Mutual fund investment

I have $10,000 invested in Fidelity Contrafund. My dad thinks I should go into cash given recent economic times. Should..

Total Investment withdrawal

Hi, I am totally afraid to look at my Edward Jones. My husband passed on12/31/21 and I have Invested about..

IRA account falling in value

Hello Ms. Savage. I have recently lost $33,000 out of a $230,000 IRA account. I am seriously thinking about transferring..


Is defensive stock the best type of stock to invest in now because of inflation?

Portfolio Strategy age 81

I am 81 and am concerned about the equity exposure in my portfolio. The “do nothing and hope they recover”..

Mutual Funds Terry: Depends on your age

Hi Terry, how are you doing? We, my wife and I, are in our 60’s, we have, had, approximately, $100,000..

IRA — Terry: Sell Half!

My husband and I retired 6 years ago and now the market is killing us we are in our 70s..


At 86, we are debt free, investments going down, beginning to worry. Monthly Bill’s going up. Cash all out, or..


We are in our first year of retirement and have accounts with Edward Jones. What can we move our investments..

Help on saving retirement funds

We have had a financial advisor for years, BUT are not happy with her at this time. She keeps telling..

Investment question

Hi Terry- I just saw you on WGN but only caught the last minute or so. I was wondering what..

Investments in bonds

I have a large investment portfolio beside my retirement pension and social security. I don’t need to touch the money..

Bond prices vs yields

Hello Terry, Listen to you every Wednesday on the John Williams show. I have a question that I hope you..

My husband wants to sell!

My husband (74) is panicking about what he perceives as a devastating recession on the horizon. He wants to pull..

Stock Market – I panicked :(

I am 65 and retired. I have ~420K in my 401 and could not take all of the negative news..

401K Retirement

I’m collecting my 2nd RMD this year from my company 401k. I have this retirement money with Fidelity in Pru..

401K no match (Fidelity)

Good Morning Terry awhile back I had told you that I have a 401K at an employer I no longer..

IRA — at 82 shall I sell?

Terry, I will be 82 in October. I just have $50,000. In my IRA. I have life insurance but not..



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