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savings yield vs annuity

how do you feel about usine short (1-5year) annuities to increase return on cash?

401 K Options for investment.

Terry, I value your opinion immensely so I have to ask you a question about my 401K. At the age..

Personal advisor services — worth the fee?

Hi, Terry. On WGN this morning a viewer asked if Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Service was worth the .03% fee, and..

Inheritance investment

My son inherited $100,000 under very tragic circumstances. This money has been sitting in a Chase savings account for 5..

Schwab portfolio

Hello Terry. I was hoping that you could shed some light on a dilemma that I’m having. I am 46..

Market money — how to move to safety

My wife and I are 81 and have most of our money in stocks and mutual funds($950,000.) I want to..



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