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Tax Rebate from Illinois

Hi, if I didn’t file my state taxes but don’t owe, but filed federal taxes can I expect to receive..

Rebate checks from Illinois

Hi, Terry. I didn’t file my state income taxes and didn’t owe but I did file my federal taxes and..

Medicaid question about asset limits

If l am on Medicaid is it true that you can’t have savings accounts or invest in stocks or bonds..

We like to travel, is it a good idea to buy foreign currency when it’s down?

We’ll be traveling to Europe during the next year, should we buy Euro and British Pound at current rates?

Jewelry inheritance

How does one go about finding a reputable person to appraise and buy inherited jewelry including diamonds and expensive watches.

Trust I Bond

Hey there, Terry I hope you’re well. Can I form10 separate Revocable Living Trusts (RLT) and buy $10,000 for each..

RMD change in age requirements

Do you think that the House will vote on the change in RMD age change any time soon the Senate..

I didn’t receive the full amount of the last stimulus check

I didn’t receive the full amount of the last stimulus check for the tax year of 2021. I am presently..

IRS REfund for 2021

I have not received my IRS refund for 2021.IT states not processed on my IRS account. What can I do?

Student Loans

When students take out a loan they do it voluntarily, right? They are not assigned or forced to take it...

Greatest country ever and what we need to do.

Terry, Not a question, but rather a thank you. I appreciate your views and agree the US is the greatest..

Brother borrowing money from Mom — Terry says –Don’t do it!

Mon is willing to loan her son and wife $40,000.00 to be paid back in 72 mo. We have a..


What recourse is there if your accountant refuses to quit?

Medicare trusts for disabled

Terry desperate for info. My brother was hit by drunk driver still in hospital and rehab centers for nearly 11..

Unclaimed Property

I received an unclaimed Property Reimbursement From. Keybank, N.A. OH-01-51-2005 PO Box 6419 Cleaveland OH 44101-1419 Is this real ,..

TSP funds

I made the mistake of using TSP money to open an annuity but canceled it as soon as I read..

us gov debt

hi uptown girl….do u think the us government will default on its debt anytime soon…if so would they cancel payments..

Government Financial help for disabled baby

Terry My daughter has an 8 month old baby that is on a feeding tube due to pregnancy and birth..

Is this legit?

I received a letter saying I had funds with Key Bank. It is around 250.00. I may have had Key..

Identity theft

hello mrs Savage My father passed in 2004 was a hard working blue collar worker. His eldest son is tarnishing..



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