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Wild Card & Pandemic Related Questions

Finance a car

Is a good time to buy a car and finance the car ? Since cars look more expensive than ever..

Illinois unemployment

Hi Terry I was wondering if u had any advice I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone at..

common law marriage in Illinois & social security

My partner and I have been together for 43 years but we are not married. He is 86 and I..

Electric Car batteries

I have some extra money from an inheritance from my parents. I am 68 y.o. Is there a manufacturer of..

I’m disabled but I’d like a future

I couple years ago I developed Multiple Sclerosis and I can not work anymore. So I’m dependent on the Government..

Best credit card for travel miles

What is the best credit to get for Air Miles?

Treasury Direct will not allow me to enter an Illinois State ID no. with an expiration date of 99-99-99

My mother-in-law has an Illinois State ID with an expiration date of 99-99-99. TreasuryDirect.com would not accept this date (or..

Tax on Zelle

Am I subject to a 1099 if my daughter uses Zelle to transfer money she owes me to my bank..


We have been married over 42 years. Have over $250,000 in our emergency fund, no mortgage, no medical bills and..


There are many people named Debbie. Please don’t profile them as ‘Debbie doom and gloom’. Thank you! Have a nice..

How do you File for a Stimulus Check on your 2021 Return.?

On 4/11/22, Terry Savage indicated that if you have not received a stimulus payment, “you must file for a credit..

Stimulus check – are they still being sent out?

Since I had to paper file my 2020 taxes, I didn’t get my stimulus check when the bulk of them..

401K and Mortgage Interest advice needed

Hi Terry, I have two questions (sorry) – one each for me and my sister. Quick summary on us: I’m..

Unemployment Overpayment/Pay back

Hi Terry, IDES recently alerted me that they overpayed my unemployment during the months of Septmber, October and November of..

1099-INT from IDHS

Terry, A friend received 1099-INT from IL Dept of Health & Family Services declaring several thousand dollars of taxable interest..

Bank applied 2020 IRA contribution made in 2021 as a 2021 IRA

After having our 2021 taxes prepared, we made our 2021 IRA contributions into a money market CD, as we have..

Tax Refund

Hi Terry, I have been a loyal listener whenever you are on the radio. I mailed my Federal Income Tax..

state of illinois rejected my h & r block filing- reason agi from 2020

The state of Illinois rejected my 2021 tax filing. I have contacted them twice by phone-they say if you got..

1099 discrepancy

My husband’s Medicare covers his health insurance so it is small when we did not receive his 1099 at the..

The Great Resignation statistics

When the number of workers resigning each month is reported, where is information about how many started a new job..



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