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On Your Own: A widows Guide

Which is the latest edition ? I want to purchase it. Thanks

Death Insurance

My son died two months ago. He and my husband have the same first name but different middle initials. My..

Permanent ban from Casino

I received a letter banning me for life @ couple years ago. I left my food coupon on the table..

Reporting Alimony on Federal Tax Form

My sister’s divorce was finalized in 2020 and included alimony to be paid to her by her ex-husband. I’ve been..

Unclaimed property of a decedent and taxes

My wife has filed a claim on unclaimed property held by the state that belonged to her late brother, who..

Social Security when to claim

Terry, I am currently 69 years old and in August will be 70. I saw on the social security website..


I keep getting message about a cash back relief package. I assume it is a scam but want to make..

Need help

I terminated debt program with law office Five Lakes in Michigan how do I know I’ll get my money I..

Social security deductions from work income, already collecting

I’m still working and still paying into social security. I’m getting my social security now. Why do I have to..

Time Share Resale

What is the best way to sell my Marriott time shares? Are all time share resale companies that want their..

Social Security Satisfaction

Dear Ms. Savage, I’ve been following your articles on Social Security horrors. I called SSA & I was able to..

Accepting Inheritance from Mother before death

Terry, My 96 yr old Mother wants to give me my inheritance of $10,000 not to get new siding and..

New home — leaking roof!

The first night in the house the roof is leaking into living room , who is responsible for repairs

credit freeze

Hi Terry. So I’m going thru the process of freezing my credit. First one Transunion. Filled everything out and said..

Sale of a Canadian company stock

Hi Terry, I own shares of stock in a Canadian company that I would like to sell for a long..

social security overpayment

My husband was very sick 11 yrs ago with leukemia. We received disability from social security and then they wanted..

Helping my Daughter

I was wondering if you can give me a resource to discuss ‘reverse mortgages’ with. I would like to help..

Value 1933 Municipal Bond?

I have 1933 “Tax Anticipation Warrant,” School District 104, Summit, Cook Co,, IL.  Purchased by my grandparents, now in my..

Spousal protection

My spouse has not been continuously employed since 2008. Just over the last 5 years he has a seasonal job..

Household proceedings of estate

My brother is the executor of our mother’s estate (she died in March 2016). His answer to having filed (or..



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