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For the last 10 years or more I have been doing my taxes using H&R Block tax preparation software. I..

Old Stock certificates

I have 10 shares of stock that is almost 40 years old and it’s from first Chicago corporation I know..

Social security overpayment notice

I recd a note on my social security online account saying I was overpaid by $132.10. I am not even..

Cook county property tax, check mailed 3 weeks before due date

Hi Terry, My mom, a senior, mailed her cook county property tax 3 weeks before it was due on April..

Where to put retirement money for disabled child

Will retire in about a year at 70 have a handicapped child that lives with us have 1 million in..

ERC Refund check

I had my accountant fill out the paperwork so the company can take advantage of the Employee Retention Credit program,..


I listen to you every week on WGN radio and have heard you talk about how safe our money is..

1000-dollar bills

What happened with the caller to WGN radio who asked what to do with 800 $1000 bills he found that..

Debt — A Deep Hole!

I purchased a home for 40k using a 50k loan and $21k in credit cards for repairs. I bought the..

Interest on unclaimed property

I recently found an amount of money that the state of Illinois had been holding under the auspices of ”..

Evaluating a Community Bank

Hi Terry – we have followed your fee-only fiduciary & I-bond advice, so thanks for those! But I heard you..

gov. default

if the government does default June 1st, what happens to my 4 week and 8 week t-bills that mature June..

applicability of money market principles discussed in The Savage Truth on Money to Pakistan’s Stock Exchange

I have just gone through your fantastic book on money matters named “the savage truth on money” and no doubt..

T-Bills and the Debt Ceiling

Do the ongoing negotiations over the Debt Ceiling have any bearing on whether to invest in 6 month T-Bills you..


What should one do with current us dollars sitting in banking and CD accounts to keep from getting hit hard..

Lost refund check from U.S. Treasury Department

Can you help me locate it? I was in Florida from Jan. 11 and returned on March 21. The mail..

SSA clawback overpayment letter

Per your March 5, 2023 newpaper article, Social Security Horror Stories, I received a letter from SSA that I was..

Dollar vs Brics

What do you think Terry will happen to the U.S. Dollar now that big country’s are going with the Bric..

Cash ..dismanteling its use.

I use cash to help me with my budget expences. Why is cash being disolved ? I have cash on..

Finance Charge when Paying Taxes

Hello, Was super surprised that Credit card companies can charge 2.5% fee if your pay your taxes using a credit..



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