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Non financial question about paper money

I was at the chase bank recently and asked for new money when I cashed a check the money they..

WGN business hour — when is Dr. Bob coming back?

Has a date been set yet for Dr. Bob Froelich to be on the WGN noon business hour ? Thank..

Worried About My Series I Bond’s/Treasury Bills

Should I be worried about losing my investments in Series I Bonds and Treasury Bills while the Treasury is going..

Debt ceiling and T bill

Hello Terry Thanks for all your help….my question is what if Republican leaderships in the House fails to approve debt..

Dr. Bob Froelich

Has a date been picked when Bob Froelich will be on the WGN noon business hour ? Thank you

Unemployment refund from IRS

Hi Terry! There have been a few stories on the news about the IRS finally refunding those of us who..

Old $100 gold bond

I found 2 gold bonds for the lakeside hospital chicago, issued October 1923 and are payable principal and interest at..

1937 Stock Certificate

Hi Terry, I found a 1937 stock certificate in my Mom’s paperwork. Do you have any suggestions for finding out..

care taker benefits and tax issues

I’m a retired factory worker and handicapped veteran. When my leg was amputated my son who is 35 left school..

Utma custodial account now adult

Custodial account for my daughter Grown now

Where to find missing investments in divorce

Hello Terry My husband recently filed for divorce. I’m unable to find much of the investments, retirement accounts. Is there..

TAX REFUND from 2021


Inheritance for a minor

My mother passed away in May and left my 15 year old son $35,000. His father passed away when he..


I just bought a new 2022 vehicle, when will be a good time to refinance? Also do I go back..

1099 issued on a home sale

If I am the only one on title and I am divorced and co-habituating with my ex-husband until my home..

covid-19 EIDL fraud

Just received a letter in the mail from the SBA re: payment due for an EIDL for my deceased father...


I know nothing really about investing and I’m being asked to throw in a thousand dollars into this forex crypto..

Treasury Bills and the Debt Ceiling

Greetings Ms. S., I am retired and have laddered most of my cash into short term Treasury Bills: 4-, 8-,..

Financial Literacy Programs

Ms. Savage: I’m writing to see if you have any recommendations for financial literacy programs, particularly aimed at financially challenged..

Stage 4 cancer diagnosis

Love your advice. Don’t mean to be downer but just diagnosed with stage four cancer with 6 months prognosis. Where..



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