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Social Security

I just got a letter from SS that says they will stop paying me on December 23, that my premium..

Fraud protection

Terry, my bank accounts were recently hacked by a user with 6 transactions through Remitly for over $3k. I’ve since..

Social Security Teachers WEP

My wife and I are waiting until age 70 to collect Social Security. We both have teacher pensions, and understand..


Hello Terry, my younger brother Mateo has autism and my family and I were sent a letter about overpayments worth..

Widows rights

Can I collect widows ssc at age 60 then switch to my deceased husband at age 67! And how much..

SS Money Taken away

Who can my in-laws talk to about what can be done to correct their SS money that now has been..

Social security benefits for widow -CORRECTION!

My mother-in-law’s husband of 20 years just passed away. Social security has approved her to receive his benefits. He was..

SSA Benefits

I’ve been receiving spousal SS since April 2020 when my wife passed away and I’m deferring my own SS until..

Social Security horror story

I am elderly and disabled with a absolutely horrific process I am still waiting for solution to for over a..

Income tax for my disabled son

I have a 34 year old son with a mental disability. He’s been receiving SSDI since he turned 18. Since..


I apply for Social Security spousal benefits. I had to give them all the information they want as soon as..


Will the awful Windfall Elimination Plan ever go away? I worked part-time 13 of my 20 years of teaching and..

Starting a business

Hello, I am women (30) who wants to start a business with my husband. It’s an auto shop, he has..

Social security overpayment

Help with overpayment social security


Hello Terry, I already filed and collecting my SocSec., am I stuck with the benefits that I am receiving or..

Windfall elimination provision — Fairness Act

Terry, how can I work to get the fairness in social security act changed ? I started teaching at 47..

Apple Pay/Apple Cash

I just updated my iPhone to iOS 17.1.1 and it asked me to set up Apple Pay. In the fine..

Social Security benefits

I seen you on 60 Minutes and I. I’m being questioned by SSA 1st time I. 18 year’s? I don’t..

W-2 vs 1099 — company wants me to change

Hi Terry, I Iove watching you on WGN! My employer wants to take me off of being a W2 employee..

Medicare card for discounts?

Right now on Facebook they are saying seniors can get a card for the grocery store. You just have to..



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