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Wild Card & Pandemic Related Questions

Protective Refund Claim & ACA

Hello Terry, As I consider the time & expense of filing a 2017 Protective Refund Claim, your input on the..

epi third payment

how do i find info about my third epi payment

3rd. Stimulus

I received my first and second stimulus but I’ve not got my 3rd stimulus and can’t find out nothing.

unemployment — can’t get extension

My unemployment ran out Sept. 2020. I contacted Il. Unemployment in January 2021 , when I realized there may be..

1400 stimulus money not received yet

We received our stimulus checks in 2020 by U.S. mail. We are still waiting for the $1400. Are these checks..

Repaying back Federal Additional Compensation

Hi Terry, I watch WGN, and on 2-24-21, I remember hearing you talking about repaying back the federal money that..



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