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You’ve saved for retirement all your life – and now you have some money to manage! As you roll over from your 40l(k) account to an IRA, you’ll find an army of salespeople trying to sell you stuff, calling themselves “financial advisors.” Use these resources to find people you can trust, who will act as “fiduciaries” -- putting your interests first, and fully disclosing all fees and commissions.

A “matchmaking” service only for FIDUCIARY, fee-only advisors – carefully vetted by Wealthramp founder Pam Krueger, to put you in touch with advisors you can trust. Try the process of listing your concerns and seeing the advisor names suggested for you. No fee, no obligation.

Start your search for a financial advisor here – or come here to learn what kind of “financial advisor” you need, and what questions to ask, and what the advice should cost. You can also search disciplinary records and registration filings for all registered brokers, investment advisors, and agents through direct links to Federal regulatory agencies.

Board of Certified Financial Planners

Choose only a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), who promises to live up to the ethical standards and code of this organization. Some charge commissions, others are fee-only, or a combination. All are extensively trained in a variety of disciplines, including tax and estate planning, insurance, and investments. Click on the home page link to find a CFP in your area.

Fee-Only Financial Planners (

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors registers planners who promise not to charge commissions on products they recommend. They only charge set fees for consultations and services. Click on the link to search for a NAPFA member in your area. Choose one that is also a CFP.



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