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Health insurance is a moving target these days. Government programs are changing, starting in 2019 there will no longer be a penalty for not having insurance. But even if you’re young and health, one unexpected accident or illness could wipe you out financially. Here’s where to get health insurance that you can afford.

What If my Employer Doesn’t Offer Health Insurance?

This is the place to start your health insurance search, whether under the Affordable Care Act (as it evolves) or for low-cost policies with high deductibles and a Health Savings Account Feature. They offer policies from every major carrier, at no additional cost to you for their advice and service.

What If I Need Short-Term Health Insursnce, Between Jobs, After Graduation, Etc?

Affordable, instant quotes, for shorter term periods to help you bridge the gaps. In this era of constantly changing national health insurance plans and requirements, you don’t want to be uncovered for a major expense even for a short time. Compare deductibles, co-pays, maximums, and monthly premiums here.

Why Should I consider a Health Savings Account?

A health savings account (HSA) combines high deductible health insurance with a tax-favored savings account. Money in the savings account can help pay the deductible. Once the deductible is met, the insurance starts paying. Money left in the savings account earns interest and is yours to keep.



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