As a lender, we are subjected to using the appraisal company assigned. Our appraisal was ordered on March 29, completed on April 4, with a due date of April 7. On April 7, the representative of the appraisal company emailed saying the appraisal would be delivered on April 10. During this delay, the appraisal rep put in writing to us that they were not getting any response from the appraiser, and they were trying to find another appraiser to complete the job. On April 12, an appraisal was delivered with a low appraisal amount. We submitted a reconsideration of value that night, and were promised a response by the end of April 13. We did not receive a response in the revaluation. What is the recourse people can have on a protected species that is allowed to receive money and provide poor and unprofessional service?

Terry Says:

If you’ll write back in a personal email ( giving the name of the appraiser, the name and office and contact info of the lender, I will personally make a call to find out why/how this could have happened.  Sometimes a bit of publicity (good or bad) can work wonders.  It’s a shame to have this happen to your most important purchase.

I’ll need your contact info as well, as it will likely have to be a conference call, since most targets are unlikely to talk to me without the complainant on the phone!

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