I'm 62 and receive Social security of $1,243 monthly and I'm receiving a $100,000 cash gift this year. will I get tax on my Social Security?

Terry Says:

STOP!!!  Don’t take Social Security early!   With that kind of cash gift you don’t have to take SS.   And you will be giving up a huge increase in monthly benefits that you would get if you waited till your full retirement age of roughly 67 — or even till the maximum age of 70!   You can use the money from the “gift” in place of taking Social Security.  You’ll get a much larger monthly check for life if you want to start your benefits.

As for taxes, you will owe no taxes on the “gift”.  The giver might want to file a gift tax return for his/her own estate tax purposes, but that is not your issue.  The amount of assets you have does not impact your Social Security check.

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