For the writer whose father cant’ seem to make a decision on how to split time between 2 locations it is possible that the issue is a financial one. While the last part of your answer regarding leaving an inheritance may be an issue it could be that the father is embarrassed to admit that he doesn’t have enough money for 2 places. Or at least he doesn’t think so. Sitting done with an advisor and getting the parents to lay everything out will be good particularly as they need to plan for what happens when they can no longer travel back and forth and can’t take care of themselves

Terry Says:  Thank you for your excellent addition to my response.  Happy to post it!   I am just writing a column based on a new Fidelity survey that will demonstrate the importance of having that kind of conversation between the generations.  Your addition to my advice was terrific and I’m glad you responded. (I’m betting that you are a financial planner — and if not, maybe you should consider that as a career!)