when going down town or any where and be able to protect my wallet or credit cards, etc what do you recommend? to protect myself when walking around and not lose those items??

Terry Says:  I can understand your concern.  The first thing is not to carry any more cards than necessary.   Remember, you are not liable for any loss on your cards if you report a threat immediately.  And be sure to write down and store in a safe place the numbers of all cards AND the toll-free number to call if a card is lost or stolen.  HINT:  If you fill out the yellow pop-up box when you go to www.TerrySavage.com, you will get a return email with a link to my Personal Financial Organizer form, which is a perfect way to store this info.  You can fill it out, or print it out and then fill in the blanks, and leave it in a safe place at home.

The rest is common sense.  Carry your purse with the opening zipped,  or against your body.  Carry the purse strap across your body, not over your shoulder.  Don’t let your bag hang behind your shoulder or on a chair.  Men should carry wallets on an inside FRONT pocket where it is less likely your pocket could be picked.  Sad times we live in — but better safe than sorry!

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