Hi Terry,
I’ve started looking at this fund “Secured Real Estate Income Fund” that was mentioned on WGN radio. So far my research does not make me comfortable on this investment.
Do you have any information on it or can you point me where I can do more detailed research on it?

Thanks much!

Terry Says:  I don’t know what fund you’re writing about — but remember that any company can advertise on radio.   If  you want to invest in real estate through a mutual fund, choose a mutual fund created by one of the best known fund companies — Vanguard, Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, American Century.  They have low-cost funds that invest in real estate through REITS — real estate investment trusts — which own properties and pass along the income to investors.  Beware of “pools of commercial mortgages” marketed as funds for investors, with comparatively high yields.  These tend to be properties that could not get commercial financing if it weren’t for gullible investors.