Who do you recommend in the Chicago area to help me with what to do with my 401K etc as I enter retirement in about 4 years .

Terry Says:

This is the time to find  a fee-only financial planner — someone who will advise not only about investing your 40l(k) but  about planning your entire retirement lifestyle.   You can find one at the Financial Planners Association of Illinois (http://www.plannersearch.org/)   Not all of them are “fee-only” though, so you’ll have to specify that in your search.  Or you can go to www.feeonly.org — the website of NAPFA — the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, which are all fee-only financial planners.   OR, since you’re in Chicago, you can contact Sharon Egan, past president of the Illinois FPA.  Her contact info is :

Sharon Egan, CFP,  North Star Investment Management Corp.,  20 N. Wacker Dr., Suite 1416,  Chicago, IL 60606,   Phone: 312-440-5028

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