Good afternoon Terry! My father had turned me onto your show and I have since purchased and am in the middle of reading your book. My question is this, I have a TRowe Capital Appreciation Fund which I opened in 2009 which I feel has performed very well. My fiance is looking to invest in a fund but when we looked on the TRowe website it stated that the Capital Appreciation Fund was no longer open to new investors. Is there a comparable fund that you would recommend for investing?

Terry Says:

Go to the website. And use their “Mutual Fund Research Tool”   (I have created a link for you, so just click).  I purposely didn’t choose a fund for you — because I think you are young and smart enough to do the research on your own.  However I will give you a “Terry’s Tip” — the first mutual fund I ever bought was the T Rowe Price Equity-Income fund.  It is still my favorite recommendation — more conservative than the Capital Appreciation fund, but it has been a good performer over 30+ years!   So it might balance out some of your aggressive investments over the long run.