Embarrassingly it's taken too long, but I need to understand what's going on with my money and figure out how to invest it. I have some mutual funds a 401K an IRA just floating along. It's my money I want to know if it's in the right place earning what it should. How do I start? It seems like a secret club and I need in. Please help! Reading materials,seminars etc. with honest people.

Terry Says:

Aha — just asking that question of the wrong person makes you very vulnerable!  You’re wise to do your homework before seeking “advice” because everyone who you talk to has something to sell.  I could point you to my own book, The Savage Truth on Money, which is available on Amazon.com at a very discounted price!  It will give you all the basics, and was meant for people in your situation.  But I would also suggest you spend some time at the Morningstar.com website, and especially at the Investing Classroom section which I have linked.   There you can learn all the basics, for free, through their excellent series of online free courses.