Hi Terry,
I recently received financial aide but it won't cover my tuition for grad school. Any advice on taking out student loans to cover the remaining balance. I will be working full time while going to school. I have a undergrad student loan as well. Thank you!!

Terry Says:

OK, you’re making an expensive investment in  yourself!   First question:  have you asked your employer for a tuition benefit?  It’s worth asking, even if they don’t have a specific plan.  They could consider it an investment in your talent — and they already know and like you!

Next step is to search out Federal graduate school loans.  Here is a link to the section of www.Finaid.org that relates specifically to applying for Federal graduate loans (and grad PLUS loans for parents).  This is the best website for learning everything about student loans. You’ll have to file FAFSA — and remember that starts right now, October 1st, this year.

And if you still need more, then you’ll have to turn to Private Student Loans.  I hate to burden you with all this debt.  Try going to www.SallieMae.com, one of the largest private student loan lenders.

And when you do finish your education you might be able to refinance those loans at www.SOFI.com, a site which specializes in refinancing student loans for those who have good jobs and steady income.

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