What box do I check for Line 3 on a W-9 form. I have to fill this out and turn it into my mom’s John Hancock Annuity as she has passed and listed me as a beneficiary. I am just a stay at home mom, with no employment, I do not own any companies or anything else, my mom’s home is going into probate. Do I choose:

first box – Individual/sole propiertor or single-member LLC or

6th box Trust/estate or

last box – Other

so confused

Terry Says:   Am I correct in assuming that John Hancock sent you this form, requesting your tax ID number (social security number) so they can deal with withholding from a distribution?  If so, and you are the recipient of the money, you would be an “individual” — and would input your  Social Security number.  But I’m flying a bit blind here, so I would suggest you contact the insurance company and ask them.