A few years back I followed your suggestion and invested in the Everbank Gold Fund which has since ended. Are there any other Everbank funds or other funds you can recommend at this time for an investment of approximately 50 thousand dollars.

Terry Says:

Gosh, I remember writing that — but it was a long time ago!  So are you trying to replace your gold investment?  I will never recommend anything I don’t do myself — so I have forever been invested in the U.S. Global Investors Gold and Precious Metals Fund.  Check it out re the details at www.USFUNDS.com.  And there are gold shares mutual funds at most other major mutual fund companies. This is supposed to be a “hedge” position as gold sometimes does better when everything else is falling.  (But that didn’t hold in 2008, when gold prices fell as people sold “everything “in a panic!)  Just want you too keep this in perspective!