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Investing in Bonds

Find real-time prices on municipal and corporate bonds, so you know whether your broker is giving you a good deal when you buy or sell.

Financial Engines

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InvesTech Research

For over 28 years, InvesTech Research has produced some of the most unique analysis and valuable insights found anywhere on or off Wall Street.

Big Charts

Charts for any stock or index over any period of time. You don’t have to be a trend follower to be interested in the big picture.


If you’re a novice investor or looking to do sophisticated research, this is a great website for you. You can find information and ratings on almost every mutual fund. It’s worth subscribing to the premium service, which lets you analyze your mutual fund portfolio inside out, making sure you’re not overweighted in any market sectors. Check out their investment newsletters, learning center and much more.

This distinctive sector of the market frequently outperforms in good times as well as bad. Learn more about the concept and individual REITs at this website.

Finra BrokerCheck

BrokerCheck is a free tool to help investors research the professional backgrounds of current and former FINRA-registered brokerage firms and brokers, as well as investment adviser firms and representatives. BrokerCheck information is drawn from filings by regulators, firms and investment professionals. It includes current licensing status and history, employment history and, if any, reported regulatory, customer dispute, criminal and other matters.  But, Terry warns, this tool is just a starting place, and has been criticized for not having information on personal bankruptcies, civil litigation, and older events.  You should also check with your state’s registration database.

Professional Numismatists Guild

If you’re buying or selling gold or rare coins, make sure you deal with a member of this guild. They follow a strict code of ethics. Use their search feature to find a dealer near you. A new site that lets you investigate before you invest.

This new government website allows you to check the background of brokers, advisors, commodity advisors, and even insurance salespeople.