Sixty-Five Incorporated

Everything you need to know about Medicare, signing up, supplements, rules, and more at this helpful site, including this calculator to help you determine when you can sign up for Medicare.

National Council for Aging Care

And if you suspect elder abuse, contact the National Center on Elder Abuse, a part of the U.S Administration on Aging, at their website or contact them at 1-855-500-3537 (ELDR).

National Association of Elder Law Attorneys

National Association of Elder Law Attorneys helps you find a lawyer in your area to deal with issues of special interest to the elderly – including estate planning, Medicaid planning, conservatorships, and much more. The site also includes links to many other useful agencies and associations of help to elders and their families.

Reverse Mortgages

Running out of money? Seniors who have paid off their mortgage – or have a very low balance – should consider a reverse mortgage. It turns your home into your pension by giving you a check a month for life. You can never be forced out of your home! (I did this for my own father!!) Search the articles on my website, or read The Savage Number for more details. Don’t be afraid to consider a reverse mortgage.

Elder Law Answers

Looking for an attorney to help you deal with estate planning and other issues for seniors? Search for a qualified attorney in your state, as well as finding in-depth information about asset transfers, senior planning and more at this site.


This invaluable site will help you find senior living, organize the move, and find many other resources for seniors at no cost to you.

Medicaid LTC: What Assets Will Your State Let “Well Spouse” Keep?

When your spouse needs “custodial” care, Medicaid may step in to pay — depending on your assets and income.  But the “community spouse” does not have to give up the family home or all assets and income.  Each state sets its own income and asset limits.  Check this site to get details for your state.