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1040 SR — file electronically?

By Terry Savage on October 14, 2020 | Economy & Taxes

Good morning Terry,

I have a question regarding form 1040SR.

I filled it on line and had to mail it hard copy this year which resulted in not getting our refund until July due to pandemic.

In anticipation of using this form next January ,
I am just wondering if there is a way to electronically file from the IRS website.


Terry Says

For those who don’t know, IRS Form 1040SR is a larger print version of the 1040, used by seniors who mostly have investment type income. It CAN be filed electronically. Until this year and the pandemic mess there is no particular reason to do so. But, yes, file your next 1040SR online at no cost at the IRS website. There are instructions on how to do so that come with the form.




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