Ask Terry Questions 2019 Federal Tax Return owed to me for stimulus

2019 Federal Tax Return owed to me for stimulus

By Terry Savage on October 10, 2023 | Wild Card

How can I get my 2019 tax return and $600 extra I never received. I’ve been to my tax agent and he’s stumped? I’m 73 and need this money to help live. I pray you can help me with my problem. Thanks much ????

Terry Says

Here is the information you need about filing now for a previously-missed stimulus check:

But let me make special note of a few facts.
If you are filing for the first or second payment, those would be on your 2020 return. If you filed that return and did not claim the checks, you’ll have to file an amended return.

AND, since you are now 73, it is likely that you were receiving Social Security at that time. Go back and double check to make sure that the stimulus checks weren’t automatically deposited in the same account that collects your SS payments. That is where they likely landed.



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