Ask Terry Questions 2019 tax refund

2019 tax refund

By Terry Savage on July 05, 2020 | Wild Card

I mailed my 2019 federal tax return to the IRS over 3 months ago and still have not received my
refund nor any communication. All IRS offices a re closed due to Covid-19. i tried to get information
on the IRS website regarding my return, only to be advised that no information was available.
Is there anything else I can do besides waiting it out?
Thank you for your take on this.

Terry Says

My “take” is “welcome to the club”! Millions of taxpayers are still awaiting their refunds — as the IRS has been caught up in getting stimulus checks out.
And, of course, few were still in the IRS offices opening/sorting envelopes on paper returns.
The GOOD NEWS is that the IRS is paying 5% interest on delayed refunds, dating back to April 15th, and in the second quarter starting July 1st, they are paying 3%. The interest check should come separately from the tax refund check or deposit.



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