Ask Terry Questions 2020 IRS Tax Refund

2020 IRS Tax Refund

By Terry Savage on January 12, 2024 | Taxes & Economy

Hi Terry, we enjoy listening to you on WGN radio. We hope you can help us with our 2020 tax refund that we never received. We filed our 2020 tax return via paper copy in May of 2021. Our accountant prepares our return and gives us the prepared forms to mail to the IRS. We then received a letter from the IRS in June of 2021 stating that they were reviewing our return and our refund would be delayed. We assumed it was because of the Covid situation. Called the IRS again in May of 2022 to check on our return. They stated that our return was submitted as an electronic return and the refund was sent to Green Dot bank at our request. We never asked for that, we
always request it be sent directly to our bank account routing number like all the previous years. Whoever submitted our return electronically received almost double the amount of our return. We were expecting $3,964.00, the fraudulent electronic return was $7,012.12 sent on May 18,2022 to the Green Dot Bank. After numerous calls to the IRS and forms faxed to them, they said the only thing we could do was to send IRS form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit to them, which we did on July 12, 2023. The IRS stated their investigation could take up to 400 + days. We are hoping that you can help us with this matter. We believe this might have been internal fraud on their end and want us to go away. The IRS agent did say this happened during the Covid crisis and many agents were working from home. We appreciate anything you can do to offer assistance. Thanks,

Terry Says

Oh yes, you were victims of tax identity theft. And it’s amazing the IRS has taken this long to correct this. I think it’s time to turn to the office of Taxpayer Assistance within the IRS:

If that doesn’t get you more action, please write back. I have no special helpline within the IRS, but if you can’t get help I will forward your info to their communications department — which sometimes shakes things loose!

And in the meantime, did you freeze your credit reports and make sure there is no other fraud going on in your name.
Read this:
If you find more identity theft, use the links in this article to contact the FBI, etc.

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