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2020 taxes and IDES – 1099 G hold-up

By Terry Savage on April 04, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Hello Terry:
I am awaiting IDES 1099 G form and it is holding up several important financial items: my 2020 taxes, college financial aid appeal, and stimulus payment.
I did not recieve 9 days of unemployment benefits for the last weeks in December, 2020. I have called and spoken to agents. First, they told me to upload documents (license, social security card and piece of mail with my address) because of suspected fraud. I was told they would “escalate” my case, and they would call back. Weeks later, another agent called back and said I was not in the system and again, she would “escalate” my case, yet I am still waiting.
As a result, I have not received IDES benefits, 1099G, and it’s holding up my doing my 2020 taxes, which I desperately need done for several reasons: financial aid appeal for my son’s out of state college tuition, and Biden’s stimulus check. My 2020 income has been reduced – my husband is on disability.
I have College Illinois! which paid $8,000 of approximate $20,000 tuition due for semester. I’ve applied to scholarships and appealed to FA office., all pending. To close the gap, I will have to sell stocks and face tax consequences, as I did in the Fall. I’m sorry I did not know of CARES act where you could use qualified retirement funds for educational expenses. I need sound financial advice.

Terry Says

OK, let’s start with your taxes. You should be able to print out your 1099G on the IDES website. If you can’t, estimate the benefits you received (less any withholdings) and put that number on your tax return. You may be able to note this is an estimate. The IRS will automatically match with the info it receives from Illinois, and will contact you about any discrepancies.

As for benefits you missed, it’s impossible to get through to IDES. But send an email to Kristin.Richards@Illinois.gov (head of IDES) and state your problem, claimant number, and phone number. Just maybe you’ll get some attention.

Next, immediately contact both your high school guidance officer AND the admissions office of your sons’ college. Admissions, first then college financial aid office. Tell them about your change of circumstances and how your son might not be able to go back to school. Do they have any “merit” aid to offer?? Be humble, not demanding. Explain that your husband is on disability. You might be surprised.

And go to Scholarships.com and search for any available money for the coming year.
And if any of this works out well, please do come back and let me know!!

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