Ask Terry Questions 2022 1040 is lost!

2022 1040 is lost!

By Terry Savage on August 06, 2023 | Taxes & Economy

I mailed our 1040 along with a check for the amount due on 04/06/23.
The check has not been deposited yet.
I checked the IRS site for a phone number or a chat site and came up empty.
Am I missing something?

Terry Says

Not only are YOU missing something — the IRS is missing your return! They cash any checks immediately, so it is safe to assume that the mail went astray.
That’s why you should always send mail to the IRS as a registered letter, with return receipt requested.
Did you keep a copy of that tax return? If so, refile — and send registered — along with a new check.
Ask the bank to put a stop payment order on the original check, and copy their acknowledgement. Then send a COPY of the original check AND the stop payment confirmation, along with your new check, and refile the return.

If you want help on this go to and search for form 911 –to catch the attention of the taxpayer assistance office.

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