Ask Terry Questions 26 (f) programs — for real?

26 (f) programs — for real?

By Terry Savage on April 19, 2017 | Wild Card

I've read you can make a lot of money but the program is going away?

Terry Says

OMG -- this is total baloney!  This comes from an advertisement for an  investment newsletter and what it's referring to was the proposed Fiduciary Rule which was set to start April 10th, and now has been postponed.  It's an example of the most misleading, aggressive, and annoying copy tease that I have ever seen for an investment newsletter (they are protected by freedom of speech!). It is too complicated for me to debunk the entire promo piece -- I read it too, with amazement!  But if you want details of how this is BS, read this excellent take on it from StockGumShoe -



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