By Terry Savage on January 24, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I recently asked about my freedom 2030 plan but didn’t know how to reply to your question, you asked where the rest of my investment is going so, 30% domestic stock 31% foreign stock 37% in bonds & 2% in short term, I’m just now getting back what I lost from the pandemic, I’m currently at the amount I was at in 2020, so it took me 3 yrs to get back what I lost, so my question is, is there something I can change to get a quicker return, Thank You Terry.

Terry Says

No guarantees on that. It all depends on market performance. Looks like you are 7 years away from retirement. The Dow is about 6% below its all-time highs. You are even. Congrats.
Now this money will have to carry you not only TO retirement, but through retirement. That’s part of your overall retirement goals, expenses, planning. I suggest you give Wealthramp a try to get a wholistic advice from a FIDUCIARY FEE-ONLY advisor you can trust.

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