Ask Terry Questions 401 K investments

401 K investments

By Terry Savage on August 22, 2019 | Investments

Hi Terry, Im 67 and retired. I have my retirement with Transamerica. I have some money in small/mid cap stocks, most of my money in large cap stocks some short bonds/stable market.some invested in aggressive bonds and some in vested international stocks. My current return outlook is sunny. I might also add that i have not taken any money from these funds in the 7 years since i have retired. My question is , do you think I’m on the right path or should i focus on more international and small mid cap stocks or just go with what i have currently? Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Terry Says

Far be it from me to interrupt your successful retirement portfolio.  The only concern I have is whether you  have other money outside your retirement plan — money that you could use for living expenses without being forced to sell any of your funds in a bear market.  You will need to start withdrawing in about 5 years, taking RMDs.  Keep that in mind.  You might consider doing a rollover to a place like Fidelity or Vanguard — where you will get a wider variety of investment options.  Company 40l(k) plans are designed with long-term growth in mind;  you now need to also consider capital preservation.

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