Ask Terry Questions 401-K Rollover

401-K Rollover

By Terry Savage on July 03, 2023 | Investments

I am retiring in 2 weeks. May I roll over my 401-K in to an IRA in Treasury Bills? I love hearing you on John Williams show at noon on Wednesdays. You turned me on to T-Bills which have been a fine part of my diversified portfolio. Thank you very much.

Terry Says

No, sorry, but you can’t own T-bills in an IRA. And you wouldn’t want to put ALL your money in tbills anyway at this stage of life.
First, read this article on how to do a rollover.

Then make some choices for investing the money conservatively. Assuming you are in your late 60s, you’ll still want some stock market exposure, so consider an Equity-Income Fund (Fidelity, Vanguard, and T. Rowe Price have them). And they have Treasury-only money market funds for a hunk of your money so you can sleep at night! So do that with another portion of your funds. You don’t need an investment advisor or expensive help to do this!



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