Ask Terry Questions 401 K rollover — money market or stocks?

401 K rollover — money market or stocks?

By Terry Savage on March 16, 2014 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I rolled my 401 K over to my local State Employees Credit Union when the stock market starting its down turn. My money is in their money market which is currently an
Interest of 1.5%. I really do need a better return but it do not know to invest in at this time. I will be 65 next month and still working but hope to retire within the next couple of years. What would you recommend?

Terry Says: I would recommend contacting either T. Rowe Price (800-638-5660) or Fidelity (800-Fidelity) and asking about their retirement advisory services.  They will help you understand the risks and rewards of having at least part of your money in the stock market.  And they will also create a withdrawal plan for you, to help you make your money last your lifetime.  But you also need to have the discipline to stick to the plan they help you make!



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