Ask Terry Questions 401K Investments in European Stocks

401K Investments in European Stocks

By Terry Savage on October 22, 2014 | Investments

Hello Terry,
I am thinking of transfering out of my Fidelity Euro-Pacific fund into another Us based fund that is not losing money, until the economies improve overseas. Do you think this is crazy? I did this with my smaller Vanguard 401K plan, and his worked out well, (The reason I have two 401K plans, its from a part-time job I had, and Vanguard pays a higher return rate than my Fidelity. )
By the way, I love your posts, and thank you for speaking at the AARP Schaumburg session, I really enjoyed it!

Terry Says:  Well, you’re asking me if the worst is over for Europe.  I don’t think so.  But there could be a huge bounce if the actual Euro currency disbands. That’s a distinct possibility.  Honestly, I sold my European equity funds three years ago, missing out on some gains — but worried about how Euroland would hold things together.   With all the money rushing to the U.S. stock  market, I decided I’d rather have exposure here.  It’s worked out pretty well — so far.



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