Ask Terry Questions 401K /Mortgage

401K /Mortgage

By Terry Savage on October 03, 2023 | Investments

Good day. I need a bit of wisdom. I currently have a mortgage balance of $185,000 at 2.99% (30yr fix) with about 26yrs left.

I have two IRA’s

1.Balance of $336,000
2.Balance of $214,000

Both IRA are down still down due to market conditions.

I’m thinking of taking the smaller IRA ($214,000) and using it to pay off my mortgage balance of $185,000. In your opinion would this be a wise thing to do?

My only other debt is a car loan of about $26,000.

Terry Says

NO, NO, NO! Don’t give up that low rate mortgage!! Find a better investment advisor for your IRAs!!

Read this article about getting fee only FIDUCIARY financial advice.



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