Ask Terry Questions 401k — new record keeper, losing money!

401k — new record keeper, losing money!

By Terry Savage on October 06, 2015 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I am retiring this year. what to do with 401 my company changed record keepers and I’m no longer in a guaranteed account my money is disappearing by the day!

Terry Says:   I need more information.  Just because your company changed record keepers doesn’t mean it changed the fund offerings inside the plan.  Did that happen, too?  Or were you just invested in stock funds that lost money as the market declined?  Either way, this is the time to get some good advice about choosing more conservative investments inside the plan now — and then rolling over the balance when you retire.  Does your plan contain Fidelity funds or some other large fund company?  If so, go to them for advice. And if not, call Fidelity anyway and they will help you — knowing that when you retire in a few months they will be managing the money.



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