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401K Rollover

By Terry Savage on September 13, 2021 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I will soon be in a situation to either roll over my 401k to a new employer, or, transfer the balance to an IRA. If I transfer the money to a Vanguard IRA , the amount will allow me to take advantage(?) of an advisor at Vanguard for a reasonably cheap 0.3% of the balance. I know I will be limited to VG fund options, but, there seems to be more that enough of them to diversify. Do you have any opinion or experience you would offer with the Vanguard advisor services?

Terry Says

I think the rollover to a Vanguard IRA is a great idea — and the fee is almost non-existent. Vanguard has the widest choice of investment options, so no problem. Let them handle the rollover so you don’t take a check and wind up paying taxes and penalties.

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