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401k rollover and 2019 income tax

By Terry Savage on December 31, 2021 | Investments

Hi Terry,
I saw your segment on WGN yesterday regarding 401k rollovers. I have a few 401k accounts from several years ago from employers that I would like to consolidate into my current 401k. If I haven’t rolled them over in a specific time period, will I need to pay a tax on the rollover when I do submit my income taxes this year?

My second question is about 2019 federal income tax returns. I understand there are still a lot of people, including me who have not received their 2019 federal income taxes due to the pandemic in 2020 that delayed everything. I have sent letters to the IRS with my tax forms and tried to call them but I still have not received my return. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,

Terry Says

OK, as to your first question, I always think it is better to have OLD 40l(k) plans rolled into one IRA Rollover account. If you call FIDELITY at 1-800-FIDELITY, they will handle that for you and make sure the money goes directly with no tax consequences. Have it put into a money market fund inside your new Rollover IRA.
Let it sit there for a while, till all the money has been rolled and you have received a few statements. Since you’re still working I’m guessing that you are young enough to want to diversify your new Rollover IRA. You get to make the decisions. You might just want to move about 40% into their Equity/Income fund, and another 25% into the S&P 500 index fund, and leave the rest in the MM fund. That should give you both growth and less volatility over the years until you need to start withdrawing at age 70.
That’s the simple way to deal with old 40l(k) plans.

As to Federal tax refunds — yes, they still have not sent out some 2019 tax refunds. I’ll be talking with theIRS after the New Year and will try to get a definitive statement from them about when they will be finished.
Did you submit your return electronically, or in the mail? ALWAYS mail stuff to the IRS certified, with return receipt requested. That gives you proof that they have it!



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