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401k rollover help

By Terry Savage on February 21, 2021 | Investments

I was laid off and was told I have to take my 401k, what do I do?

Terry Says

You don’t “take it.” That’s for sure. Call Fidelity or Vanguard (1-800-FIDELITY or 1-800-VANGUARD) and tell them you need help to do a 40l(k) rollover. They will handle it for you — and you never touch the money. It goes directly to them. And then you pick one or two mutual funds for investments. They dont’ give advice, but if you are under age 50, I would suggest putting half in their S&P 500 stock index fund, 25% in their Equity/Income Fund, 15% in a money market fund, and 10% in a natural resources fund. That should give you diversification you can stick with over the next 20 years!



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