Ask Terry Questions 401k rollover, lost job!

401k rollover, lost job!

By Terry Savage on March 03, 2014 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I recently lost my job I want to re invest my 401k what is safest way to do this and can I do it without claiming it in my taxes and pay a penalty

Terry Says: Oh, I’m so glad you asked before you did anything that would incur penalties and taxes.  You want to contact Fidelity (1-800-FIDELITY) or Vanguard (800-VANGUARD) and ask them to help you do a direct ROLLOVER from your current 40l(K) to a rollover IRA.  They will handle all the paperwork, and tell them when it arrive with them to put it into their Treasury money market account.  Then seek their advice about two or three funds to put the money in for diversified growth, depending on your age, job outlook, retirement time horizon.

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