Ask Terry Questions 401k Ticker symbol no longer avaiable

401k Ticker symbol no longer avaiable

By Terry Savage on January 04, 2024 | Investments

For many years my 401K sent a notification of what the ticker symbols are for each available choice. They stopped doing that and in calling to find out current ticker symbols, was routed to multiple parties before someone finally said they simply no longer do that. How can a 401k choice be tracked other than the company reporting on their website? Is there a way to find out the ticker symbol for a 401k?

Terry Says

That depends. Some 40l(k) plans use publicly available mutual funds inside their plans. So you could look up those symbols at
But if they use “private label” funds –not available to the general public –there won’t be an actual symbol.
However, I’m pretty sure that the plan must make a daily value available to you through their website. So if they have, for example, a growth fund and an equity-income fund, those values should appear at the close of business every day.

Ask the company, and remind them that they need to follow the ERISA laws, which are enforced by the Department of Labor. The mere threat that you intend to ask these questions should spark their immediate action.



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