Ask Terry Questions 401K — what to do when leaving job?

401K — what to do when leaving job?

By Terry Savage on June 04, 2015 | Investments

My daughter is leaving her company after 9 years. What should she do with her 401K account? Withdraw it (probably not), transfer it to her new company, or open an IRA, or leave it? What is the best choice?

Terry Says:  Tell her to call Fidelity 800-FIDELITY or Vanguard 800-VANGUARD or T. Rowe Price 800-638-5660 and they will help her ROLL IT OVER  into an IRA (so she doesn’t pay taxes and penalty) and they will give her advice about how to invest it based on her age.  DO NOT take a check and then try to redeposit it into an IRA.



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