Ask Terry Questions 403B TIAA Cref

403B TIAA Cref

By Terry Savage on July 08, 2024 | Investments

I have $75,000 sitting in a TIAA Cref 403B account, and it’s been sitting there for 14 years. When I left teaching at that school 14 years ago, it had $30,000 in the account. I stopped contributing to the account when I left, and it now has $75,000. What would you recommend I do with this money?

Terry Says

I think you haven’t done too badly over the last 14 years!  The S&P 500 stock index was around 2,000 a decade ago, and it is currently around 5500.  So it has done just about as well as your investment portfolio!  In fact, if Ihad to guess, I’d bet that your investment inside that retirement account was “tracking” the S&P 500 stock index.   So you can either leave it there — or do a rollover into an IRA, if you want to take a more active investment strategy.

Read this about how to do a rollover:  Rollover Now – Terry Savage

But a lot depends on your stage of life and personal goals.  If you’re about to retire, you might want to have some more conservative funds in your account.



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